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Zero Oil Cooking Recipes


Concept by – Dr. Bimal Chhajer MD

Dear health is the gift you have been waiting rather dreaming for very long.The ultimate and most perfect blend of ‘taste and health’ you can think of.Get ready for the most fascinating and mesmerizing exerince you are going to have with our ‘zero oil recipes’ which is to make your very own favouite food most healthy also.First let me tell you,zero oil cooking is result of practice and experience which i mastered with the help of qualified and expert nutritionist and chefs because eliminting cooking oil from your regular recipes was not so easy.But i have done it and today i feel proud that by this way of cooking, millions of heart freaks have gained.I promise from this day onwards your age old notions for ‘taste will change for even from ‘more oil more taste’ to ‘No oil much more taste & even more health’.I am awating eagerly for your feed backs as they will boost me to work even more hard to give you more such gift packed with the goodness of health in future as well.Dear health lovers,here is the gift you have waiting,rather dreaming for very long.the ultimate most perfect blend of taste and health.You can think of.Get ready for the most fascintinating and mesmerzing experience you are going to have with our ‘Zero Oil Recipes’,which is to make your every own favouite food mostly healthy also.

Video by: Healthy Living

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  1. Great video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. I was at a restaurant last week and the meat was cooked perfectly.  I asked the cook his secret and he mentioned that he uses a ‘Chef Remi cooking thermometer’ to serve at the optimal temperature.  Do you use this thermometer?  The chef reckons its very accurate and has used the same thermometer the past 5 years.

  2. Dr sahab mai poochna chathi hun kya sugar health ke liye acha hai maida acha hai aur net pe pada tha microwave also not safe its a death mechine at home is not ds all true thank u.

  3. , I would appreciate your thoughts you are the real Doctor
    The other Doctors earning from innocent Patients

  4. dr.bimal
    can you please tell me recipie for pakoora without oil

  5. After seeing this video I made oil free aata halua and it was good 😀 thank you Sir!!

  6. Microwave is full of radiaion, chances of causing cancer!! Maida is starch (good for heart? Hmmm)

  7. i dont understand one thing. when people want to live healthy lifestyle why do they even want halwa and pooris. and for that they go for such a time consuming cooking. cant they just eat normal khana with very less oil. for example chapati instead of maida and microwaved pooris…

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