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Home / Dessert Recipes / Watermelon Cake Recipe – Summer Recipes

Watermelon Cake Recipe – Summer Recipes


In Japan, one of the most popular ways to beat the heat is by eating watermelon. For the Moso family, summer makes us want to make watermelon sweets!

This recipe is made from a literal watermelon cake that is covered with a condensed milk moose and glaze colored green with aojiru. This recipe is our original – Moso-Style! It tastes incredible and is healthy too!


Watermelon Cake (Makes one 15cm cake)

1. Cut out watermelon using circular shape

2.Cut it in thickness of 3.5 cm.

White Mousse:

3. Whip 50g (50 cc) fresh cream 80%.

4.Put 100g (100 cc) milk, 25g condensed milk and 10g granulated sugar into a pan.
Heat it until melted.

5. Turn off heat just before boiling.
Add 2.5g powdered gelatin and melt.

6.Cool the whole pan by ice water.
Put in vanilla essence.
Cool it while mixing and thicken it.

7.Add 6 in 3 and mix it.

8.Reinsert the circle mold into 2.
Put it in thinly.
Cool and hardens in a refrigerator.

9.Steep 5g powdered gelatin into 15g (tablespoon 1) water.

Black Glaze:

10.Mix 10g black cocoa , 28g (tablespoon 2) granulated sugar , 20g (20 cc) water, and
20g (20 cc) fresh cream.
Make it boil with a microwave oven.

11.Take the quantity of 1/5(4g)from 9.
Put it in 10, mix and melt.

12.Put 11 into a forcing bag or a thick plastic bag and cool it.

Green Glaze

13.Dissolve 40g Aojiru powder in water 100g (100 cc).

14. Add 100g granulated sugar and 100g (100 cc) fresh cream into a pan.
Hang it on the fire.

15. After boiling and melting,stop the fire.
Put the steeped gelatin (the remainder of 11) in and melt.

16. Filter with a net.

17. Thicken while ice water cools.

18. Taken out 8 from the refrigerator.
Remove the cake from the mold wrapped around a wet warm towel.

19. Pour 17(green glaçage) on 18.
Even if thickness is strong and it is loose, it does not go well.

20. Pour 12 on 19 Like the black lines of the watermelon.
If it cools too much, a lump is made and it cannot draw well.

21. You get it after chilled in the refrigerator.

Video by: MosoGourmet

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