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Home / Dinner Recipes / #VeganCut Ep. 10 | Plyo Workout | 3 Vegan Dinner Recipes | Reasons You’re NOT Succeeding

#VeganCut Ep. 10 | Plyo Workout | 3 Vegan Dinner Recipes | Reasons You’re NOT Succeeding




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North Prairie, WI 53153

1:20 Physique Update
2:07 Plyometric Workout
3:44 How to Vegan Dinner like a BOSS
3:48 Zucchini Noodle Pasta with “Neat” soy-free mock meat

5:05 Cuban Black Bean Tacos
6:10 Coconut Curried Lentils
6:51 Reasons You’re NOT Succeeding

Women’s Purse Style Lunch Coolers

Men’s Messenger Bag Cooler

Men’s Backpack style Cooler

1. LOST – Coldplay – Jaiden MIX 2 1-3-13
2. Uptown Funk (Shaparder & LRX Remix)
3. Stitches (cover)
4. With You – Chris Brown (cover sound cloud)
5. Hello – Adele (Anevo_remix)



• Seaspiracy:
• Cowspiracy: (Free On Netflix)

• Earthlings:
• Forks Over Knives:

Video by: Holly Brown Fit

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  1. LOVE the intro music!!!! Coldplay is my Fav. band!!!! But that guy singing wasnt wtf was that?  Good video

  2. holly holly holly! your suggestions are on point! i'm three weeks in in eating enough high quality food and just squatted 1x101kg yesterday ! so looking forward to getting stronger and stronger 🙂 love love love your videos! youre awesome!

  3. Packed with information! Meals look so easy and tasty.

  4. This is a video of epic proportions! Good music, great workout video, Holly showing us her awesome physique, tasty recipes, great motivational and practical lifestyle tips, what more can one ask for in a video? Great work Holly!

  5. Awesome tips! It's my goal to be able to do a handstand by the end of february! (I'm nowhere near close lol) And that lentil curry looked amazing.

  6. Skinniest Casket! 😆 love your channel, Sista.

  7. I want to do powerlifting and lose weight at the same time O.o

  8. The new setup is great. But the first side-view is even better : -)

  9. My goal is a muscle up 😉 I'm not even sure why, just so I can show off lol.

  10. I need to get motivated to workout now that it's cold out! Not as pleasant!

  11. I thought your head was going to hit the ceiling when you were jumping! great recipes, thanks

  12. Hello friend. Great video. So damn relaxing listening to you talk. I like your talking segments at the end. I like your confidence

  13. I found My Fitness Pal really helped at the start to know I were I was going wrong. Lifting heavy as a woman is awesome I find and I need to get back into the plyos again, it's awesome for fat loss. Great tips Holly

  14. + fitness goals are much more motivating than aesthetic goals, I have found my appearance has changed anyway with the progression of my weights whilst striving towards lifting goals

  15. I love your channel! I have a question, are those plates the quantity you eat for dinner? Cause i feel like sometimes I'm eating a lot for dinner, do you eat less when you don't go to the gym or you eat the same? Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!

  16. Love the new setup. Love the tips, I just had such a conversation with myself that aligned well with what you said.

  17. Looking great, Holly! The new set up is pretty sweet.
    The pylo moves look pretty fun but I was worried you were going to hit the ceiling. haha. Awesome recipes as usual! I really like the simple tacos. Actually, that reminds me. I recently made a video using your nacho recipe. I'd really appreciate and love for you to check it out and hear some feedback!
    Great talk at the end. I know I'm guilty of not getting enough sleep! I really like to focus on performance. I hear so many people focus on scale weight and looks.

  18. Those Tacos!!! <3 <3 really love your choice of music too

  19. Those coconut curried lentils have inspired tonight's dinner. You look awesome Holly keep up the fab work!

  20. Hiya love your videos! just wondering you were saying about making sure your getting enough calories? so if your needing to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit how do you do that without cutting to much?

  21. I really love how your fitness videos are like one total package. I think it is incredibly smart to include mental reflections with exercising and eating well because they all go hand and hand. I really resonated with what you said about setting performance goals. AWESOME JOB, Holly! 😀

  22. hi holly, recently I've lost 60 lbs. I went from 250 to 190. I'm 6'3. that's a good weight for my size and I'm considerably more athletic since I'm going into the marines. but I still have like 10 lbs around my stomach I'd like to loose. I tend to loose fat easier when I cut carbs, but feel very tired and lethargic and always hungry when I do this. I'm interested in going vegan for health and ethical reasons but it's a high carb diet. any advice for me to loose those last 10 lbs?

  23. Hello miss, physique update is much better in this format. Congrats !

  24. Yeah, different people respond to different style

  25. those dinners look sooo good! i love marie forelo too. great tips, thanks holly b

  26. Move to Canada and let's be besties!!! ♥️🐖

  27. great advice holly. the last time I messaged you i was 88-90kg, now i am 82-83 ~ 🙂

  28. Great video! Very well put together 🙂

  29. Do you drink coffee? And what are your thoughts on drinking coffee every day?

  30. nice videos, very informative + vegan. love it! thank you

  31. I'd like to know the name of the "thing" you use to make the smoothies (the brand and model…) … please

  32. Love you and your channel so much

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