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TASTY NO OVEN PIZZA – Tasty and easy food recipes for dinner to make at home

Tasty food recipes. cooking videos for dinner. how to make snacks for beginners. Homemade no bake pizza recipe. If you have not oven at home, there is no regrets because, you can make your own pizza without it!. As always, a simple and quick food video to lunch or dinner.

INGREDIENTS for a dough for two people

– 150g flour 5 oz
– 80-90 ml of water 2,7-3 fl. Oz
– 5g, 0,17 oz fresh yeast or 2g, 0,02 dry
– a tablespoon of olive oil
– A pinch of salt

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  1. U r adding so much sauce and u r also not adding any veggie it not looking like a pizza

  2. Superb recipe 😋👍

  3. i dont have bakers yeast 🙁

  4. can it be done without yeast?

  5. I think I'll just call dominos 😂

  6. Hey guys watch my pizza tutorial video

  7. Please tell the quantity of items

  8. Thank you for making a pizza with home ingrediants. Thank you! This is the first and best cooking video we saw we means me and my friend not sisters! Bye.

  9. I DONT HAVE FLOUR 😭😭😭😭😭

  10. what a music like tom&jery cheasing 😂

  11. 20 minutes…imeiva kweli? I'll try it

  12. don't hate anyone please
    can you do a pizza in your home.he invented for middle class people.dont hate anyone .if u don't like him leave it.

  13. Can we make it without yeast

  14. Im using ketchup instead of tomato sauce😂😂

  15. what if I don't add yeast.? will it affect the dough that much.