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Home / Dessert Recipes / TAPAS PLATTER RECIPE – SORTED



All of these delicious Spanish tapas dishes can be plonked in the middle of a table for people to help themselves, which makes todays recipe(s) perfect for having your mates over or feeding the whole family.

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Our favourite video at the moment… take a watch! “Making Pasta for Gordon Ramsay | Step Up To The Plate”


Video by: SORTEDfood

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  1. the last tapa is called pa amb tomat/tomatigue, literally means bread(pa) and(amb) tomato(tomatigue). A lot of people call it pa amb oli which means bread and oil.

  2. would breath-in this plate within 3 min right now!

  3. Ok so I'm on my phone and when the video started it was in the little corner of the YouTube app and I thought that the arms in the intro were actually Jamie's and I was very, very, confused.

  4. Tapa is actually the amount of something like ponme una tapa de ensaladilla rusa con una caña máquina , y ya eres español 100% me cago en la puta de oros XD

  5. tap-ass is all I can hear

  6. It still bugs me that you did not use assorted instead of Sorted in this vid.

  7. Could you do another version of Tapas? Maybe a gastropub type?

  8. them pronouncing tapas "tap ass" was a) distracting and b) hilarious.

  9. I'd love to try all of these recipes. The problem is though, I don't have enough money for the fancy ingredients and definitely don't have enough for the equipment i.e. blenders or those dough stirrer thingys. So i think it would be a great video if you guys made "5 amazing dishes you can cook for under £5".

  10. You actually realise that none of those tapas are Spanish at all, right? RIGHT? I bet you never travelled to Spain, because those recipes look more like Indian or Turkish… :/ Get a flight, and eat some real tapas for Lord's sake!

  11. So many veggie options 😍👻

  12. you are going way to fast

  13. two words: cross contamination

  14. More simple tapas recipes please! These were great.