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Home / Dessert Recipes / Sweet Cherry Pie Recipe – SORTED

Sweet Cherry Pie Recipe – SORTED


This classic cherry pie has the usual SORTED twist, as suggested by the community, to really make it stand out from the crowd. The only problem? One pie is simply never enough!

Get the full written recipe here:

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Our favourite video at the moment… take a watch! “Making Pasta for Gordon Ramsay | Step Up To The Plate”


Video by: SORTEDfood

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  1. To be honest, I made the pie exactly as instructed and it was meh. The crust is essentially an oversized sugar cookie and there is zero seasoning on the cherries, so the whole pie was just absurdly sweet with a mild cherry flavor. My recommendation is to skip this one.

  2. haha, British people making pie

  3. probably should have watched this before trying to make it…

  4. I like the pastry but im not a fan of the apple. Can I leave it off?

  5. Oh also, mom HATES the taste or smell of eggs in pastries, so can I add vanilla extract? And use cream wash instead?

  6. you guys should make a Banana Cream Pie…. its the best

  7. She's my cherry pie! dundundun

  8. 0:39 everybody take a moment of silence for the bits of flour that didn't make it into the bowl (sad violin music)

  9. I'm making this for thanksgiving…will this turn out good?? I need people who already tried this and ate it

  10. Since I plan to make this for Christmas, Could I reduce the cherry and apple juice mixture into a sauce and serve that with the pie as well? Or would, for some reason, that not work?

  11. Wouldn't it be easier if u cut butter in very small cubes? i mean just a thought …

  12. Checkout my new cherry pie video 🍒🍰

  13. Mike looked so sad, how could you do that to him Ben! #cri

  14. Every time I watch these pie videos they make me a little annoyed. And it's always the same problems. 1. American pie crust has four ingredients: flour, butter (or shortening or lard), salt, and ice water. There is no sugar or egg in pie crust. 2. When is someone going to teach poor Ben how to crimp a pie crust? The edges of his pies are always so plain and sad. Ben, if you pay my way, I will personally come and teach the Sorted crew how to crimp pie crust like my momma taught me.

  15. Twin peaks brought me here

  16. Mike looked so confused at word "stew"

  17. I'm sent here from katy perry~

  18. can i replace the cherries with my actual poo to make a nice warm poo pie ?

  19. I love how he shows his friends how to cook! Trying to elevate their cooking expertise 🙂

  20. I been sent here not by a loved one! but by Miss Katy Perry's new single Bon Appetit!

  21. Twin Peaks brought me here.

  22. I just used this recipe! The pie looks, smells and most importantly: tastes amazing! Also you are entertaining to watch. 🙂 So a big thank you from germany🌈

  23. American: Predilected Exquisite Intriguing = P I E !!!

  24. This video is a cool drink of water. What a sweet surprise.

  25. This video is a cool drink of water. What a sweet surprise.

  26. Hell yea I’m gonna try this!!!

  27. did that apple have a sticker on it? If so I really hope it was washed