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Home / Dessert Recipes / Sushi Burrito Recipe

Sushi Burrito Recipe


Sushi are gorgeous dainty morsels and burritos are crammed full of filling making them dense and heavy. Both fantastically satisfying in their own right… but now we combine the two!

Get the full recipe here:

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Video by: SORTEDfood

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  1. I'm a bit late tot the party but certain Asian Markets (like T&T in Canada) sell sashimi grade fish

  2. can u PLEASE make rain drop cake!!

  3. You guys are so cute and adorable I love your accents! 

  4. I know it won't technically be sushi but could you skip out on the fish?

  5. MIKE & JAMIE WHY YOU DONT LIKE SALMON?! ITS THE BEST FISH EVER!!! Sorry, I just really like salmon sushi 😓😓

  6. Why vinegar in the rice? What does it do? And can you use something else?

  7. Adding Wasabi mayo would probably make a world of difference.

  8. hmmmmm this is fancy kimbap not sliced

  9. I used smoked salmon and tomatoes instead of avocado 🙂

  10. I'm hungry but I cba to get out of bed so I'm binging on all of your videos. What's wrong with me?

  11. Instead of crab can we put cream cheese?

  12. This is Bascially kimbap. Burrito is Mexican. White ppl need to stop this bs

  13. This is basically kimbap. I mean, it looks beautiful though

  14. Dear All the British People,
    Does your "cling film" not come in boxes? I see you using it, and it's always just the tube. I find the box quite useful for keeping it kind of straight, as I unroll, and also because the boxes here have sharp teeth for cutting it off. Are we doing it the lesser way? Please elaborate.
    With love,
    NYC, USA

  15. This video pains me, as much as I love the look and method of sushi and really want to make it. There's one issue…….. I Hate the taste and texture of it

  16. I live in San Fransisco and we have a place actually called Sushirrito where you can buy one of these for $8-$10!

  17. I don't think it's sushi.
    gimbap(rice roll) = laver + rice + Favorite food ingredients

  18. Am I the only one but when Ben ate the carrot he looked like a bunny

  19. I'll say it: there are worms in salmon

  20. restaurants should have this on the menu more often. The problem with sushi like that is that it's not big enough.

  21. so when are ya'll gonna do an ultimate sushi battle?

  22. Isn't this a Kimbap(Korean food)??? I am wondering why this is called as "Sushi Burrito".

  23. y'all know about sushi grade salmon and tuna, right?

  24. "dont like salmon" …awww….Nooooo!!!!!

  25. That's basically what kimbap, a popular Korean food, is

  26. sushi burrito is a great idea. c

  27. how long will it keep in the fridge please?

  28. You can also use imitation imitation crab 😛 (a tofu based or another, for full-on plant based eaters who want to avoid fish for any number of growing reasons) but yours is my favorite tutorial, so I will follow your styling. Thanks so much for clear cut info for a gloriously massive sushi burrito!

  29. Nice recipe! Check out our awesome video and our sushi burritos at Brisbane, Fortitude Valley : )

  30. If you folded up the ends it could've been like an actual sushi-rito!!

  31. Watching these videos while I'm absolutely starving is not a good idea

    But I do it anyway because I don't give a fuck

  32. Barry "I love sushi"
    Ben just completely demolishing the sushi burrito

  33. The problem when I make a “sushirrito” is closing de two ends so that you have a better eating experience rather than it all falling into your hands or grease proof paper.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this issue?

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