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Home / Dessert Recipes / Simple Pork Carnitas Recipe

Simple Pork Carnitas Recipe


One of the things we love doing is finding great recipes for inexpensive cuts of meats. Oftentimes they produce some of the most interesting and delicious meals, and inspired by one of our favourite restaurants in Palm Springs, here is a simple recipe for Pork Carnitas.

Note: I’m not saying this is an original, authentic Mexican carnitas – it’s just a really simple, easy way to make a carnitas style pork filling for your tacos, burritos etc. Add to it what you like, and make it your own!

Video by: mrmkurtz

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  1. this is a traditional dish from zamora michoacan

  2. by the way no offence,but you missed lots of ingredients… that was just pork with salt pepper orange juice and water… instead of using oil and water use lard, bay leaves, 1 cinnamon stick , fennel seeds, orange juice and honey. cook it low heat for 4 hrs or until ready. good luck

  3. nice,, good job make the carnitas @ that level plus bring us our mexican cousine,to your table and being enjoy it by your fam & friends,,im going to give you a 7.8,,good job on the salsa at the end,,you could get apoint if there arround a good mexican beer tecate + mariachi music,, the carnitas there originally deep cock in oil,boubiling like volcano,,bulug,bulug,,but thanks ,,i assume they enjoy it your own cousine style,,hello from boise ,idaho

  4. I would not call this Carnitas – sorry guy good video and nice try but really "carnitas"

  5. Way up north it's kind of a generic name for "delicious fried Mexican meats" – if there is a more accurate name you can suggest, I'd be happy to change it!

  6. Hi Manual – you are totally correct – it is by no means authentic or the only correct way to make it. It's just a simple and easy way for someone like me to make something more authentic tasting than the traditional ground beef tacos. Your recipe sounds amazing and next time I make it I'll try it with your suggestions thanks!

  7. There are ten thousand ways to make any Mexican dish! That's why there is always the phrase "estilo ______ " after any recipe, like carnitas estilo michoacan, estilo oaxaca, estilo al gusto haha. Only thing that matters is you like it!

  8. That looked great to me! Thanks for sharing.

  9. we lived in san antonio for a very long time and love delicious tex mex. i totally agree, you get too far up north "mexican food" is loosely interpreted. we make carne guisada a lot and just love it. this recipe looks amazing!

  10. This isn't just about this specific comment, but your general patience and thickness of skin is exemplary. I love the recipe, by the way, regardless of how it "should" be called.

  11. Thanks Jerome! At the end of the day – if it's something yummy you like to eat then that's all that matters

  12. Everyone's touchy about their ethno/reigonal cooking, but to be fair… all Carnitas means is "Little Meat". Traditionally you take a cleaver to the meat to chop it up finely(except crispy). But yeah, I don't care if someone calls this carnitas. The meat seems pretty small in the taco at the end there… And it seems to take the general idea of it.

    The direct heat i see in your technique intrigues me. I'm looking forward to trying it this way.


  14. Hi Anticult2 – like I mentioned in a previous comment, way up north it's kind of a generic name for "delicious fried Mexican meats", and I make no claim that it's in any way an authentic Mexican dish. Absolutely add anything you like to it.

  15. and just to be clear… I heartily endorse anything with lard and cola :¬D) I'll definitely give that a try!

  16. Thanks Jerome! for me it's all about making something that you and your family & friends love to eat, and who cares what it's called :¬D)

  17. this is by no means Carnitas some restaurants will cook there beef this way and try to pass it off as asada. do not cube your meat put it in whole. some people add chicken broth. cook it covered on low heat do allow the juice to steam away. use the left over juices to flavor your rice. when the pork is ready to shred do so then place it flat on a fry pan or baking dish the thinner the layer the more crispy. then before serving place in the oven at 450 degrees until the tips are crispy.

  18. Hi brokentapedeck – As I mentioned in a bunch of previous comments, way up north it's kind of a generic name for "delicious fried Mexican meats", and I make no claim that it's in any way an authentic Mexican dish. Absolutely add anything you like to it, and make it any way you like. Cheers

  19. Without spices its not carnitas…its orange pork.

  20. that is not carnitas man!!! come on ,,, stop just just stop lol

  21. Lol only white folk boil they wata

  22. that's just boiled pork, spices spices spices

  23. i like this.. he put the ingredients he likes.. if that pork is moist and tender he succeeded… would i have used more spices for sure but that's my choice… topping were good, didn't fry it lard, i don't see a  problem.. maybe the gentleman cares about his waist line and doesn't want to become a blue whale..

  24. lol where's the coke??
    that's just orange pork

  25. I'm not even Mexican and I know those are not carnitas

  26. Terrible recipe. Looks very bland and unappealing.

  27. Was this mixed up with the 'actual' carnitas recipe video?

  28. He said it was "his way" and that's great. I skip the lard dump too… but hey, you can still make it sooo much tastier without another 15 minutes prep time and never have I seen that burnt residue in my efforts. No wonder the restaurant visit tastes really good.

  29. i cant believe i watched most of this lol. dont boil the pork with water……so much ingredients missing. no flovor. like filibertos water boil meat ahhaha

  30. These look great. Would you mind sharing what brand of pan you're using in this video and is it non stick? The non stick pans I have say not to let water cook away yet for your recipe it seems necessary. Thank you.

  31. This isn't how you make the Traditional Mexican Carnitas. this is the Canadian version lol

  32. Wtf is this aye?!? That is not how to make carnitas! Pinché White people!

  33. Esas porquerias no son carnitas es una ofensa para la comida mexicana,wtf.

  34. Wish you would turn that darn piano off

  35. No lard, soda, bay leaves, or condensed milk smh

  36. This guys high i jusy blazed one with him before his video.

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