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Home / Dessert Recipes / Salmon Dreams Sushi Roll Recipe

Salmon Dreams Sushi Roll Recipe


Learn how to cook this delicious salmon & shrimp sushiroll!
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In this video tutorial, Chef Devaux shows how to make a very simple but always pleasing sushi roll recipe. The salmon dreams sushi roll (whose name was conceived by facebook fans) is made with crispy tempura shrimp on a bed of julienne cucumbers wrapped in freshly toasted nori and sushi rice, then topped with salmon sashimi slices and a pea-sized portion of masago roe.

hope you enjoy this sushi recipe, and if next time you wish to pick the name of a sushi roll, then head over to our facebook page and like it:

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sushi rice recipe:
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Rice cooker:
Great knife:
Sushi kit:
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Filmed on a Canon 5Dm3 , and edited on Adobe Premier.
Canon 5DM3:
Adobe Premier:

Music Royalty Free Music:
Music from (paid for license)
Artist: “Andy Huckvale”
Song: “This Ordinary Life”

Produced by Chef: Davy Devaux

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Please watch: “Dragon Sushi Roll Recipe – Japanese Food (delicious)”


Video by: How To Make Sushi

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  1. can you make a video about how to make pickled ginger? thanks

  2. Can you please do the sushi roll names on Twitter too?

  3. everything you do just looks so perfect…

  4. Where did you get the non-stick rolling mat?

  5. Amazing salmon sushi roll. I am not sure if I have asked this in the past but can you make a brown rice sushi? The only way I get it to work is with over cooked brown rice. Would love to know if you have a version. Thank you 🙂

  6. Anybody else noticed there is an "a" missing in the "Japanese Plates" link in the top left corner? Anyway, great video, I love your channel since you got me into making my own sushi!

  7. nice 🙂 … genau sowas meinte ich 🙂 … weiter so

  8. Looks delicious and I love your tips on how to roll.

  9. can you do more with avocado, and show how to cut it the best way for sushi rolls?
    that would be great, avocado sushis are my favourite 🙂

  10. Funny how you move/juggling your hands while talking to the camera in all your videos

  11. how many times a week do u eat sushi? and do you always make it yourself?

  12. You don'r really pronounce the L in salmon

  13. I love tour video van you make sushi pizza pleas

  14. I ate one sushi with banana on top, was so delicious. The sweet and salty combo was great.

  15. Hello Cheff, I am 17 years old and I realy Love Sushi. I live in Germany and I want to know where i get the non stick rolling mat??

  16. And sry for my bad english

  17. where can i buy the type of your rolling mat? because i really need 1 like yours which is non stick to the rice. please let me know…. thanks

  18. that does look so delicious!

  19. I love this channel <3 as I love sushi

  20. Can you send me a link to buy those knives

  21. Hi Chef,

    Thanx for ur sharing,Chef i've a questions where can i buy ur sushi mat? This nice one

  22. I will try next time cutting the salmon with these 45 degress angle!

  23. What if you stuffed a rainbow roll with shrimp tempura and diced spicy tuna?

  24. Where to buy a mat for sushi?

  25. guy! Where to buy a mat for sushi? Please tell me!

  26. I'm a certified sushi addict since the first time I ever tasted it. Aaaand salmon is life, I once literally cried because of salmon. You are so awesome I love how detailed you are, you make everything look so simple and delicious. :)))

  27. do I have to use a half sheet or can I use a full sheet?

  28. the knives you're using are ridiculously expensive!

  29. one question…. after you're done with the sushi do you just gobble it down by yourself or have friends over? 😅😅😂😂

  30. wow😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻,,,..

  31. How come every single ura-maki roll that I make falls apart easily even though I think I press it so hard? Please, answer if you can. Thanks in advance, thansk for your all videos as well! Wish you all the best, cheers!

  32. you should try "chopped"

  33. Gostei muito da sua técnica, vou fazer com certeza. Ficou muito perfeito, parabéns nota DEZ

  34. There is a sushi roll I like at a local restraint that is not on their menu so idk if it has a name but it is: cooked salmon and an avavado slice rolled in sushi rice surrounded by seaweed, then tempura fried and covered in 2 lines of sauce, 1 Unagi sauce and 1 spicy orange sauce. It's super tasty!! And my favorite sushi but idk the name so I always have to explain it to the waiter.

  35. Your still amateur in making sushi… Your still have plenty to learn…

  36. Looks good but I'd miss the avacado

  37. do you need to freeze the salmon first for bacteria or is it ok fresh

  38. With Half a sheet of Nori the roll is too small in my opinion . I like the idea of only using half a sheet because you get twice as many rolls, but the finished product is small and underwhelming..when you buy sushi at a restaurant the diameter of the roll is large. I think maybe I need to use a full sheet or Nori.. what do you think about this ?

  39. Is all salmon sushi grade material????