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Home / Pizza Recipes / Quick n Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe

Quick n Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe


Hot, fresh homemade pizza made for weeknights! This is one of my boys favorite homemade pizzas! This recipe makes the perfect amount of from-scratch, yeast pizza dough and pizza sauce for a 12-inch pizza. I always double the recipe and freeze the other pizza in individual slices for quick lunches.

Video by: Divas Can Cook

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  1. what I'd like to know is has any one else tried this recipe and how long did it take total prep cook and serve time. Also the flavor. Anyone have substancial comments?

  2. yo i found out this great trick where you put some breadcrums on the baking dish before putting in the pizza and it makes the crust extra crispy

  3. Recipe looks nice. But that is a typical thick american dough… I like the thin italian more.

  4. you are narrating the whole thing. i think some one else is doing the cooking . those are not your hands

  5. This is great ♥ Love watching your videos. Really inspiring. Can you head over our channel too and feel free to subscribe! Thanks a lot!

  6. u put a couple slices of pepperoni and all of the toppings for the supreme pizza your good ass nigga

  7. Hey, for how many days can the pizza sauce work for in a fridge?

  8. You could plz put a list of the ingredients

  9. I love your fun, cool narration, so imma go ahead and subscribe 🙂…….and thanks for the recipe

  10. You sure you aren't Italian???…beautiful pie. Nice job. Will try it for sure!

  11. Heyyy Ya! 😂😂😂 I love ur personality and the food looks good too 😊😊 Subbed!

  12. Omg this is damn cruel. Watching this while eating SHITTY ASS TOTINOS PIZZA ROLLS

  13. Helllo, i love the way you did it, it's AMAZING. But i have a small question: do i have to preheat the oven. Please i eally want to know now. and thanx for your adorable voice 😊

  14. Vry tasty nd yum it is wow:-)

  15. I love how you have a personality to your recipes wich most don't thx

  16. lol the way she talks hahahahahahahah

  17. U are so authentically YOU! I love that. And ur a great cook too. I've learned quite a bit from u😌

  18. quick n easy homemade supreme pizza recipe

  19. OMG this looks so good! Im making it this weekend! For how long do i have to kneet the dough?

  20. I like to eat pizzas very much. however it is also very good to eat. Thanks