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Home / Pizza Recipes / Prosciutto Corn & Ricotta Pizza Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 959

Prosciutto Corn & Ricotta Pizza Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 959


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Video by: Laura in the Kitchen

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  1. This looks oddly delicious… 🙂

  2. I want 😩 my family would probably think this is so weird

  3. I thought she said that is porn 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. this is the unique type of thing people really appreciate. thank you.

  5. can you do a butter chicken curry recipe please

  6. So would it taste similar if i used thin cut bacon instead of prosciutto? I've never had that before so i dont know the exact taste and have bacon on hand and this looked good so i was wondering if it would still taste simiar?

  7. "OH BOY" how i wish i was JOE . grate food once again.

  8. Can you make a crab bisque please ???? The holidays are coming up and I'd really like to see how you make it ! Thanks 🙂

  9. You are joking right! Hotdogs and fries on a pizza!!! Girl what are you waiting for to share the recipe. I seriously do this to myself, I watch your videos almost right before bed and then I get hungry. Makes me want to go to my kitchen in the middle of the night and make your food lol.

  10. Laura plz make cheese pizza plz plz plz

  11. I've never seen you cook "Salmon" Can you show how you cook it?

  12. Please do the hot dog pizza! Is that really a thing???

  13. I love how you don't edit out silly moments in your videos. You take everything in stride its very inspiring. Thank you!

  14. Amazing! and without tomato? Thanks for uploading.

  15. i cant believe how weird, but delicious this actually sounds…

  16. this pizza is bellisimaaaaaa I can't wait to make it <3 love youuuuuu

  17. Did anyone else think the pizza cutting was very violent, or is it just me? Lol. Definitely have to give this recipe a try! Looks delicious!

  18. mozzarella, prosciutto, ricotta, even sweet canned corn – pretty expensive in my country T_T

  19. Top tip with the pizza cutter and great topping combo!

  20. Hot Dog and French Fry Pizza PLEASE

  21. I'm totally making this tonight!

  22. Yes! I have been saying corn on pizza would be great for years! Can't find a pizza place that has corn for a topping. Thanks for the recipe!

  23. Okay….now you need to make the hot dog and fries pizza!!!! 😁

  24. I'm going to make it tonight!! i can't wait to try it, looks delicious!

  25. This looks deliciousssssss…
    hot dogs and chips on pizza??? mmmm sounds good please make a video Laura

  26. Hmm, interesting three of my favorite foods & pizza.I do remember this from your goodbye vlog. I've made your chicken cutlets & chicken francaise they were amazing my family loves these recipes and so easy. Thanks Laura. Will try this recipe.ox Hey I see Donal commenting, so cool!

  27. We tried it for supper last night, and loved it! I made two pizzas to feed our family of six, this one and an old standby (thinly sliced potato, bacon and caramelized onion). My husband didn't even want to TRY the corn and ricotta pizza, but after he tried it he said he liked it even better than the other one. Win!
    Oh, and I DID use frozen corn despite your warning 😉 I just rinsed it under hot water to thaw, drained it well and then patted it dry on paper towels. It was perfect, not soggy at all. Thanks Laura, love your recipes and you are my kids' favourite Youtuber!

  28. Italian food is my favorite after Persian food.

  29. I made this couple weeks ago. Wow it was very delicious. Thanks!!

  30. Laura please make a video on how to make corn dogs

  31. The main thing I love about Queen Laura is we both love our food HOT! There's never a week where my tongue is not burnt from trying to eat freshly cooked food immediately 🙂

  32. Looks amazing!!! Thanks Laura! I've been working at the same pizza place for over 10 years. We always try to get creative w/ our pizzas, but never thought to try these together. Cant wait to go to work tomorrow and make this!!! I may add a little fresh basil on top too 🙂

  33. Delicious! Great tip on the cutter!

  34. When I saw you rolling that dough I was like, wow.
    That was ill I could really say, so yeah.

  35. so easy to make and yum, Yum, YUM! I made it for my nephew and his friend (they're 9) and we all loved it, including my mum.

  36. this is suucchh a great pizza!!! I made it a few times and it became a favourit at our home too

  37. Can you show us Chicago Style Deep Dish.

  38. Laura Please can you make the hot dog and french fries pizza you talked about here, please. Laura you have taught me so much about cooking, Italy, wine, your family, and Joe. I thank you so much. It means a lot to me. You, Joe and your family are amazing.

  39. Such a cool idea and the ingredients is so easy. Only work is getting the dough but thats about it. I wanna make this for dinner with family! Thanks Laura. You're my favorite youtube chef.

  40. you have to make us discover the hot dog and french fries pizza!!! You are my favorite pizzaiolo of YT, I love watching you doing pizzas and work with the dough 🙂

  41. Why did you put the corn on the top? Wouldn't it stay on better if it were under the cheese? Also, can you use grated mozzarella instead? Or is this sliced kind better?