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Home / Pizza Recipes / Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe – The ONLY recipe you’ll ever need

Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe – The ONLY recipe you’ll ever need


Authentic, simple, fast pizza dough. I’ll show you how to make it. The only pizza recipe you’ll ever need.

In this video I show you how to make pizza dough from scratch. From start to finish I’ll guide you through it, then at the end of the video I provide a link to part 2 of this video where we actually make pizzas using the dough.

Video by: FrostysKitchen

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  1. This is the best pizza dough I've made yet! Thank you so much! It's amazing how the dough rises in the fridge. I thought you needed warmth for the dough to rise. impressive.

  2. I have been made for about 4 to 5 time I am a kid and it turned out so good I can't explain love it love thanks frosty

  3. Hello Sir, first of all a big thank you for this wonderful pizza dough recipe. My dad just loves pizza and I kept on trying so many recipes for a perfect dough for a while but each time was not getting the result I was looking for. Had come across your channel few days back and guess what? It turned so well and everyone at home just loved it. You are simply amazing, keep up the good work. I just thought of thanking you and appreciate all the good works that you're doing for us.

    And Sir I am having a problem regarding making pizzas that my family loves thick and soft crust. I bake it at 240 degree Celsius for 10 mins in my oven…but the crust looks pale not golden brown like yours specially the sides and cheese also doesn't turn golden brown. It I keep it for a longer time than the crust becomes crunchy which we don't like. So can you please tell how can I improve the look of the pizza keeping the crust softer? Should I moderated the oven temperature or the time? And also I have another request Sir, can you please teach us about how to make lasagna? This is something I've looking for a while as well. Thank you so much. Best wishes!

  4. Will it work with bleached flour?

  5. Cant wait to try it but I want the freeze a few balls. When exactly is the right time? after its been in the refrigerator for 8-12 hr…. take it out and put them straight into the freezer. Then wrap them well once they are frozen?

  6. that was great…but I don't have a mixer like you have…

  7. I coppied your instructions on how to make the pizza dough, no problems there. , so I put the dough in the oven with my toppings etc.. on the middle shelve at 250c and left it in for 10 minutes, the pizza dough was golden brown on the top and sides, but when I was ready to eat the pizza it was still soggy on the bottom, I also cooked it on a baking tray, can anyone tell me where i went wrong, it looked like it was cooked, the cheese was a little over cooked as well. am I cooking it on the wrong shelve or to much heat because seems to me that the bottom off the pizza is not cooking, should i even be using a baking tray?

  8. I thought salt deactivates the yeast? Please respond

  9. I watch the video, take the recipe and closed this window. Now I came back just to tell you, that this pizza dough was absolutely delicious. Thank you for that.

  10. could you tell the plain flour quantity in grams…pls

  11. Made this dough yesterday and used it today! Was a great dough! I have been looking for a great dough for a while now! Thank you!

  12. So for the dough do I just leave the mixer on speed 1 for the whole time?

  13. tried the pizza dough..turned out delicious. Thank you

  14. hello! do you put the dough in the freezer or the fridge? the upper section or the lower section?

    How long should you knead with your hands?

    before putting in to the fridge, do we need to proof it first? If needed, do we have to punch it down?

    Thank you!

  15. Thanks for your recipe, I am using this every now and then but I only get the crust pizza base when it comes out of the oven. how can i make deep pan pizza base.. any advise.?

  16. Tried it yesterday and it was amazing!!! Thank you 😊

  17. Can you change measurements in this recipe to grams? Thanks

  18. I tried this, and it was amazing!!! Thank you for the recipe, sir!

  19. Can I mix this dough by hand if i do not have a Mixer Available.?

  20. I notice that you do not use any flour at all, When you are handle or kneading the Dough, Is it very Sticky etc.?

  21. superb, mind blowing & awsom dough…. i just love this recipe of pizza making.Thanks alot Frosty for sharing this recipe😊

  22. I made this dough and made some really good pizza with it thanks so much for showing us how to dough I will definitely make this dough again 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  23. Adding this to my playlist

  24. te dough will not maintain its shape ,it keeps drawing back to the center . What am I doing wrong ?

  25. can u use melted butter instead of the spray yes or no 🤔

  26. 11,000 likes made by me

  27. Thanks, I will try it the way you instructed an will get back to you .

  28. Great video……Are you using instant dry yeast or active dry yeast ? I'm using instant dry yeast and when I put the dough in the fridge, the pizza dough is rising quickly. The pizza turns out amazing but it doesn't look like yours when I use it the next day.

  29. What hook did you use for your mixer?

  30. Can you double this recipe??

  31. successfully done. good taste

  32. Balls, bowl, testicles, whatever! I tried the recipe and it was great! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  33. I'm using "Argo baking powder"is that good ? Is it yeast?
    Its not rising

  34. Is it necessary to leave it over night? Or can i just use it as soon as it is made?

  35. If I'm using packs of yeast would I just add 1 pack?

  36. please can you tell the exact measurments of weights of these ingredients?

  37. followed your instructions and made the best pizza, it was a great hit in my home. thanks for your clear instructions!