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Home / Dinner Recipes / Peanut Noodles: Dinner recipe for camping & backpacking

Peanut Noodles: Dinner recipe for camping & backpacking


Andrew Skurka demo’s one of his favorite and most popular dinners when in the backcountry: Peanut Noodles. The 5.7-oz meal packs 810 calories, with a caloric density of 142 cal/oz. Enjoy!

Video by: SierraDesigns Gear

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  1. How long does the mixture last on the trail?

  2. Thanks a lot. Easy to make, cheap in making, light AND tasty.
    On short Trips i use japanese Udon noodles, those are a bit thicker but they soak Up the Sauce…awesome!


  3. I wonder if could make & mix sauce in freezer bag ahead of time add ramen. When ready to eat just add hot water….soak in cozy for 15 minutes then mix and eat….I love his beans and rice recipe. I'll give it a try…

  4. Great recipe, thank you! Just tried it at home with some chunk chicken, definitely bringing this on the next trip.

  5. Thanks Andrew for this great recipe. I've tried it at home and I'm still fed up. Very dens so good after a long hike

  6. Great meal Andrew. Just trying it for lunch and it will make my list for a trip I'm going on at the beginning of November. I'll have this atleast once perhaps twice. Rice and Beans with fritos and cheese  I'm having 3 times 🙂

  7. I make the same thing with some tweaks. I add mashed up spam to the sauce, makes it thick and delicious. I also add dehydrated veggies I bought in a jar and ginger powder and curry powder and soy sauce to make it more oriental.

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