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Home / Breakfast Recipes / My Favorite Breakfast Recipe | Open-Faced Egg Sandwich

My Favorite Breakfast Recipe | Open-Faced Egg Sandwich


Today I’m letting you in on how to make my FAVORITE breakfast recipe: Open-Faced Egg Sandwich aka the “Nomelette!”

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4-5 Garlic Cloves
1/2 Red Onion
7-8 Roma Tomatoes
1 Red Pepper
1/4 Cup Cooking Sherry
2 Tsp Balsamic Vinegar
3 Eggs
Salt and Pepper

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Video by: Tony Horton

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  1. Tony, give us your recipe for "Health Crack."

  2. 6:10 bitch looking at him like "grow up" LMFAO. does that bitch ever smile?

  3. There's something about her…just can't put my finger on it…she's not very nice is she?

  4. That looks yummy! I couldn't stop laughing how amazed Tony was by a sliced avocado 😀

  5. They are too too cute together. This Open Faced Egg Sandwich is the bomb. <3

  6. He is a good dude but it is an impractical breakfast that took too much time. Like most of the food on Instagram.

  7. Tony you're awesome! After p90x my life will never be the same!!

  8. If Tony had to cook for himself, he would not survive. Also, 6:11 I almost choked

  9. Réal cute couple. Nice to see that complicity … and great food to boot!!! 🙂

  10. She comes across like a typical American bitch. He was stupid to marry her. She is fat with no defined arms. Why would he ruin his life by marrying this bitch?

  11. I can probably get all of those ingredients, but where can I get a Shawna?

  12. adding this to my weekend breakfast recipe list. thank you Tony and Shawna

  13. tony, you're still the man! always in a great mood and showing the world how to be healthy. I wish I could afford to eat this well and have time to prepare these kinds of meals. thanks for all the inspiration and love. keep it up sir!

  14. More videos with your wife. She's awesome. NB Cool electric pepper mill!

  15. Take in the fact that you just did that. Thank you, Tony. I can't help but think about Shawna from the P-90X Yoga workout. Beautiful how he puts Shawna on a pedestal. Thanks for letting us inside your kitchen and watch the two of you cook together. You guys have so much fun.

  16. Thanks Johnny I was looking for some motivation today are used to do P90X I got divorced since then I'll probably start it up again

  17. this is one beautiful milf dont think il could ever pull out

  18. is it just me or has Tony gotten really lean ??? how did that happen ? last i saw on p90x he was BIG !! lots of cardio or what im curious!

  19. Fuckin waste of time, cooking some eggs shit dickhead,

  20. Lol, funny seeing this fitness guru struggle with chopping garlic and crack eggs

  21. Turkish "Menemen" is better than its. Menemen ooooooo every morning

    2 tablespoons oil
    3 green peppers (finely chopped after cleaning stalk and seeds)
    3 medium tomatos
    1/2 tea spoon salt
    3 eggs
    Depending on the demand: cheese is half as small as a small whale.

    Preparation of

    Take the liquids and peppers in the attitude and roast the peppers until the color turns. Peel the shells over and add small chopped tomatoes. Close the lid on the cooker and wait for the tomatoes to cook well. Tomatoes are not very watery, if sticking to the pan you can add a little boiling water. Usually this is not necessary. You can break the eggs after the tomatoes are pounded like in the photo. If you like to cook the eggs in a separate container, you can mix and pan in a pan like me. Wait until the salt and the spices you wish to pour on the eggs. Cheese additions at this stage to add cheddar cheese. Serve menemen hot.

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