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Home / Pizza Recipes / My Fav. French Bread Pizza Recipe (Variety)

My Fav. French Bread Pizza Recipe (Variety)


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You can never have to many quick, easy and bangin’ lunch or dinner recipes. This french bread pizza surely fits the bill!! The perfectly crisp yet tender garlic french bread crust is just the beginning of making a fabulous french bread pizza. Top with your favorite sauce, cheese and topping and you will be in french bread pizza heaven. In this video I show you how to make my families favorite flavors- spinach chicken Alfredo, bbq chicken, cheesesteak, and plain cheese.

How To Make Cake Pops:
How To Make Baked Mac n Cheese:
How To Make Crispy Fried Chicken:


Music by Kevin Macleod

Video by: Divas Can Cook

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  1. Girll yasss … I love your recipes .. family friendly .. will be making this for my family soon

  2. Just made the chicken Alfredo pizza Came out soooo delicious!!

  3. Chicken spinach a
    Fedora sounds yummy

  4. Wow love this idea! So easy and yummy! Great job!

  5. Great recipe idea – I would love to try this. Have ever tried it with some italian seasoning?

  6. Well now I know what me and the wife and kids are eating on the next UFC… Tired of spending 40 bucks for pizza that sucks .. Time for some sourdough pizza yup yup

  7. I agree with you on Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce! I'm from Kansas City, My family would kill me if they knew 🙂

  8. That looks good! Imma try that! ^_^

  9. We just made a pepperoni and a grilled chicken pizza and it's really good and was super fast to make.  Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful recipes!!

  10. Love your recipe! I made this for my family and they are wanting more. Great recipe.

  11. This was such a delightful meal! Made this tonight for hubby and I with grilled chicken, spinach, and alfredo and we truly enjoyed it! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with the world. God Bless!

  12. Crispy and cheesy! I added some guacamole! Loved it!

  13. I love this ima make this for my man.. It looks so good.

  14. This looks delicious I must try this soon

  15. I love all you videos and the passion you have for cooking, makes me want to be in the kitchen more! Keep making videos!

  16. I made this and it was soooo good, every body loved it at home¡

  17. Omg ur recipes make me so hungry!!!!! I love your videos!

  18. I really love watching your cooking videos!! I love that the videos are super fast and easy! You make cooking fun and something that everyone can make! Thank you!!

  19. I made mine with ham, red onion, mushroom, cheese and of course marinara sauce. So easy and amazing. Thank you.

  20. I love watching all your videos! Thank you for always being so professional, informative and down right funny lol. You remind me so much of my roommate from college. God bless you!

  21. The best food….ever. Everything that I like and nothing that I don't!! Beautiful! Good work! Love it!!

  22. Great idea when I don't feel like making homemade pizza dough! Thanks for your videos, they're so quick easy and fun!

  23. are these pizza able to freeze and how do they come out after frozen

  24. looks so ymmme i will try it tomorrow thanxx girl

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