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Home / Dessert Recipes / Microwave Risotto Recipe?! | 5 Microwave Hacks | FridgeCam

Microwave Risotto Recipe?! | 5 Microwave Hacks | FridgeCam


Season’s Greetings and enjoy our Brand New Christmas Carol Video Ft. Rhett & Link, Grace & Mamrie and Jamie Oliver”
__________________________________________________________________ –~–
We’ve taken two recipes you’d never think could be cooked in the microwave and made them incredible. But, can you taste the difference!? If that wasn’t enough, we’ve got 5 great microwave hacks for you too.

Don’t forget to head over to the AfterTaste for a bonus microwave treat!

AfterTaste video:
Microwave Risotto recipe:
Microwave Fish Pie recipe:

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Video by: SORTEDfood

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  1. Best part is I have that make of microwave, so I know it will work.

  2. Future Kitchen Fun would be a great band name

  3. i wish i were mike at the end of this video

  4. "We found Nemo" that is one way to make me NOT eat something

  5. 7:46 wtf is happening with the cutting board there?!? i mean i know there was a cut in between but it just looks like it's morphing, and it's REALLY fucking with my eyes.

  6. mike touched james arse while slow dancing, what guts it took to show his true feelings

  7. Could you use sweet potato for the mash on top?

  8. I never want to see Barry spreading his ring out again.

  9. Mike and James dancing just makes my heart smile. Thank you for making my heart smile

  10. Can I replace the fish, in the fish pie, with chicken?

  11. 5:17 nope, still here. I'm a somewhat lazy Italian…

  12. … Now I'm feeling like I need a Margarita bath AND a lemon party!!!

  13. Could I prepare all the ingredients at home and bring them into work to cook there?

  14. As I'm underage and cannot easily get white wine what can I use as a substitute?

  15. Awww the microwave cleaning one is so good!

  16. Instead of the stock cube + water malarkey can I just use stock?

  17. this channel would be better if the people were american and not fucking britd

  18. Barry: Mummy said I'm useful
    Me: Awwwwwwwwww! TBH that's something I would say!😂

  19. You peel garlic by putting the cloves in a small box/container. Close and shake.

  20. In every recipe where you use wine or brandy etc, what can you use as a substitute if you don't want to use anything with alcohol in it?

  21. How can microwaved risotto taste good. Im not having it at all. Just cook it normally. Like noooo. It gonna taste bad in the microwave. Whats wrong with you? Im Italian and ashamed. Risotto is meant to be cooked with love, NOT CHUCKED IN A MICROWAVE. The urge not to click away from this video was really hurtful. Like physical pain. NOPE I'M NOT HAVING MICROWAVED RISOTTO. i never will. I love sorted food but this hurt hard
    Edit: I watched the aftertaste. You can't tell the difference between microwaved or oven baked risotto. PARDON ME, DID I HEAR THAT RIGHT. I MUST BE DEAF. ima get my nonna to cook you risotto. Dont you tell me it tastes he same as it would be mircowaved.


  22. Anyone notice Mike and James dancing in the background after the hacks?

  23. Can i just toss salmon, cod, sardines and prawn together in the pie? I have those lying around and feel like it could work.

  24. Mike and James at the end in the back😂😂😂

  25. it seems very dangerous to teach a college student how to make mashed potatoes in a microwave

  26. Mike and James slow dancing at the end was, surprisingly, just what I needed

  27. You should do a video of college dorm microwave meals/hacks!

  28. That's adorable that he calls paper towels kitchen paper xD

  29. Could the fish pie recipe be done with chicken instead of fish? If so what kind of alterations would need to be made? Love you guys wish I could have discovered you earlier! Cast and crew are phenomenal.

  30. Another one of these videos please!!