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Home / Dessert Recipes / Knafeh Recipe | Turkish Kunefe Recipe

Knafeh Recipe | Turkish Kunefe Recipe


Video by: Easy Turkish Recipes

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  1. Looks amazing! What type of cheese is this? What is it called in turkish?

  2. can anyone tell me what is string cheese

  3. call u please tell how I can make Kadaif because it's not really available here or can you please tell m a alternate of Kadaif?

  4. whats the noodle like stuff and where would I get it? looks yummy!!!

  5. What type of cheese was used to put between the kadaif layers ?

  6. What is that cheese ??how can i find it in the us

  7. What cheese is recommended?

  8. knafeh isnt turkish it is arabic and from palestine.

  9. Hi, what kind pf cheese you use? Thank you in advance.

  10. which cheese was used in it

  11. im in Australia, and im not sure whats the Name of the cheese do i have to buy exactly. i really miss this knafe. its one of my favorite when im was in kuwait.

  12. i like that background music

  13. Its Palestinian, not Fucking turk.

  14. Please tell me where i can buy the tray online

  15. oh my god turkish food is always multiple because of ottoman khalifate they have food from all the islamic countries kanafeh made for the first time in naples /palistine
    and then spreds all around the emperror
    but in syria and palistine the kadaif is very smooth

  16. We use mozzarella instead, and cooked it in the oven.

  17. Thank you for the recipe! Looking forward to trying it soon. If I want to bake it, what temperature should I keep it on and how long?

  18. Wow. Just wow. I feel my health fading slightly away just looking at the video but I would still eat the whole pan, and maybe another. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  19. What is kadaif? And where do i get it? Can i use an alternative?

  20. Does this taste anything like the one from Mado or Hafiz Mustafa? We would really appreciate a copycat recipe for one of those

  21. I'm eating Künefe right now as I'm watching this but I'm from Syria 😂

  22. what kind of cheese did yu use in the recepie??

  23. Thanks for this recipe. I find that the Turkish version of Kenefeh much more enjoyable to eat compared to the cheesier Arab version. Of course, everyone has different preferences.

  24. Can I substitute kadaif with something else? And can i use other type of cheese – mozzarella?

  25. I like Turkish kunafa more then Arab kunafa.

  26. For the records,
    it is turkish . . It is example of ottoman-turkish regional cuisine. Origin comes from southeast of Turkey Antakya. Ottoman empire had a large palace cuisine and when the started to fall down, other countries started to claim that it's their own food. lmao how pathetic

  27. Can I make this in oven ???

  28. Which cheese? Is it recotta

  29. why fucking turkish steal all food recipies fron far east?

  30. Is there any substitute for string cheese and ricotta cheese because here it is difficult to find??