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Home / Pizza Recipes / How to Make Fried Calzone | Deep Fried Pizza Recipe | Pizza Fritta

How to Make Fried Calzone | Deep Fried Pizza Recipe | Pizza Fritta


Deep Fried Calzone Pizza Recipe
Calzone with Ham and Mozzarella cheese. Fried PIZZA

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“Italian Style Food Revolution”

– 100gr Vincenzo’s Plate pizza and bread dough
– 2 slices of Ham
– Buffalo mozzarella, fior di latte or bocconcini cut into cubes
– 3 basil leaves
– Flour
– Sunflower oil for frying
– Dried herbs
– Wooden board
– Paper towel
– Tongs
– Rolling pin
1. Start by putting a small amount of flour on the board and spreading it out.
2. Place the ball of dough in the centre and using the tips of your fingers, pass down and start opening it up into a circle. Turn it over and do it again making sure there is enough flour on both sides.
3. Using the rolling pin rollover the dough one way and then the other.
4. Add some flour on top and repeat
5. Don’t worry about making it too big, just a medium size and not too thin.
6. Create a layered line of mozzarella right through the middle
7. Roll up the slice of ham and put it on top of the cheese. Add another piece rolled up too
8. Break up the basil leaves and place then on top of the ham keeping the filling away from the edges
9. Rollover one half of the dough over the top of the filling to meet the other side and press the edges together with the balls of your fingers
10. Pull at the edges to help them meet
11. Turn it over and spread some flour on top
12. Using a fork, press down around the edges of the Calzone, careful not to make any holes but helping it close so the oil doesn’t get inside when you fry it
13. Turn it over and repeat
14. Put a fry pan on the stove and fill it ¾ with oil (Heat the oil so it is ready)
15. Drop the Calzone into the hot oil and it should be bubble as it starts to cook
16. Use tongs to turn it over after 2 minutes
17. The Calzone will start to brown so you can tell, it is cooking and it always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
18. Using a utensil with holes in the bottom, lift at the Calzone and let the oil drain out. Place it onto paper towelling so the oil drains out. Pat the top of the Calzone with the paper towel to get rid of more excess oil.
If Desired: drizzle extra virgin olive oil on the top and sprinkle dried herbs on it.
Also place a basil leaf on the side for presentation.

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank this amazing team of creative professionals. They have been a part of this project from the beginning and have always supported Vincenzo’s Plate and the journey to bring the Taste of Italy into homes all around the world.

Production company: Fame Park Studios
Editor: Bill Way
Brand Manager: Suzanne Prosperi
Animation: Daniele Pignoli
Photographer: Bill Way
Web Designer: Stephanie Nasca
Music “Oktogon” and “Platos178 ok” are composed and performed by Walter Gaeta

Special Thanks:
Maria and Frank Calla
Mireille Salloum – Street fresh digital media

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  1. This is perfecto! such a big help my friend ! piecere!

  2. looks  so delicious, love all the videos Vincenzo!

  3. That calzone looks delicious! I've never used sunflower oil to fry anything, does it have a flavor or is it tasteless like canola or vegetable oil?

  4. Hun, this looks amazing! I am ashamed that as an Italian, I have never heard of fried calzone. Only fried pizza dough (pizze fritte). Must try this soon. Im thinking spicy salami, roasted peppers & soft goats cheese filling 😀 Thank you 🙂

  5. i wish you had cut into it, so we could see all your hard work… money shot bro!

  6. Yummo… brings back memories of my Nonnas cooking

  7. If it's fried isn't it a panzerotti?

  8. I like your cooking! Grazie!!
    By the way, you look so much like Giorgio Chiellini (the Italian player), are you related? 🙂

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  12. You crack me up lol , you can pass for one of those guys I saw your audition for the N -espresso , my friend Luca learned listening to Elvis songs . Maybe they were afraid I would steal the show I'm known to be charismatic lol . You ever come here believe me you'll experience things you never imagine and not just Italian food . New York is out of this world . I would love to see Australia one day .

  13. com'on you have to add tomato inside the panzarotti

  14. and tomato sauce on top of the fried panzarotti with parma cheese and chilli flakes managia

  15. just returned from a town near teramo …my wife is abruzzesi and i am calabrese.. descent ..we are both Canadian ..must say Abruzzo has one of the best dishes in all of Italy .. Vincenzo's plate …nice video blogs ..really enjoy your work

  16. Can I omit the olive oil at the end?


  18. Omg I love your accent! That looks so good!

  19. everything looks phenomenal, but you're missing the most important part, RICOTTA CHEESE.

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