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Home / Pizza Recipes / Homemade Skillet Pizza Recipe : Season 2, Ep. 15 – Chef Julie Yoon

Homemade Skillet Pizza Recipe : Season 2, Ep. 15 – Chef Julie Yoon


Homemade pizza from scratch is easy to make at home, even without a pizza stone! I show you how to make the dough and the sauce, but the toppings are totally up to you! And by the way, everything that could go wrong went wrong in this episode, from our microphone breaking, noisy construction work outside, and my eyes giving me problems. But this episode is our season finale for Season 2 and we definitely had to go out with a bang! Thanks for watching. Stay tuned for Season 3!

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Homemade Skillet Pizza

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Thanks for watching!
Julie & Joe

Video by: Chef Julie Yoon

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  1. Yum, that looks so great! All of your recipes are amazing and I'm working my way through them! I really love how you tell us substitutions, that really helps to save money and customize the recipes! Could you do a tutorial for whole wheat dough or maybe a cauliflower pizza? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Delicious recipe to end an awesome season!

  3. I love this…Can you tell me how to clean a Cast Iron Skillet. My husband used it a few weeks ago and its so black.

  4. Congratulations on finishing season 2! Using the cast iron skillet to get a crispy bottom is a neat idea. 😀 Can't wait for season 3!

  5. I would love to see a tools video since once my love & I buy a home, I will need to get all that stuff but have no idea where to start! 😀 

  6. this is awesome… 😀
    can't wait to try it myself :3

  7. Congratulations on wrapping season 2 and thanks for doing it with my favorite food…pizza!

  8. Oh wow. That was awesome, and I CANNOT wait to try. I don't have a cast iron skillet, but I do have a 12 inch copper paella pan that would be perfect for this!! Thank you both so much for letting me be a part of this season :).

  9. I'm definitely trying the recipe tomorrow for my family,looks delicious!!!

  10. Looks yummy! I totally agree on the shredding your own cheese. I make my grammas enchilada recipe and she always taught me to shred my own cheese. ( which is a pain Kuz it's like 2lbs!!) but my mom made it with a bag of shredded cheese and I hated it. It has that powdery texture on it and I never knew it was a corn starch mixture! Love your channel! Glad I found it! My boyfriend just bought a zucchini squash plant and we were searching recipes for it and that's how we found u!! 🙂

  11. Wow that look soooo yummy n good.. I can't wait to make my cast iron pizza.. Thank you for sharing..

  12. random question but i have never heard anyone call spring onions, scallions outside of northern ireland, is scallions a common term where u are from?

  13. i use a cast iron 12" pan from Walmart and let the dough proof in the pan, in the oven for 2h at 180* shut oven off. just oil the pan really well and the top of the dough, cover with plastic wrap. 2h later it fills the whole pan. in the end you get a fluffy thick crust!

  14. Ahhh that cheesy goodness …..I don't blame the guy the pizza looks perfect

  15. That is waaay to much topping duuude…

  16. That looks like a restaurant pizza! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the video!

  17. I need a damn cast iron skillet now. wow that looks soooo delicious!! can I used pineapple and ham only ?

  18. You used such Premium ingredients, only to under bake it… I would have baked it longer or used some top heat. When that WHOLE MILK mozz gets melted in to sauce at PROPER temp… it's the real caramelized flavor… just try it. maybe with thinner crust too.

  19. That pizza was underbaked and overloaded. If you only have a cast iron pan then I recommend that you preheat the cast iron pan in the over for at least 15 minutes (which you can do as the oven is preheating anyway). Sprinkle a little corn meal (or flour if yo don't have corn meal) onto a thin cutting board. Stretch the dough onto the cutting board, cover with ingredients bit limit it to two toppings! The more toppings you put the more water you will have to cook off, so its likely that the pizza will burn before you get all the toppings properly cooked. Tis is especially true if you put extra sauce on the pizza, as you did in this video. The reason professions don't put a lot of sauce is because t has so much water that it water logs the toppings and they don't cook or melt correctly.

    When ready, place the screaming hot cast iron pan onto the stovetop, life the thin cutting board and holding it over the cast iron pan just slide it off gently into the an. Don't be surprised if the dough makes noises as it goes it. Don't slid ether dough in the pan, place it in the pan, once it touches hot metal its going to stay there. Place in oven and bake.

    You'll know that you've done it correctly when the mozzarella is not while, it should achieve a caramel color and when you lift a slice it should be stiff as a board, they will be the crispiest pizza that you have ever made.

  20. delicious, pizza,ideal way to cook on cast iron, newly subscribed to your channel

  21. Thank you Chef Julie for the pretty amazing recipe! May I know on 10.42 what is the background soundtrack 🙂 ?

  22. can I use baking powder instead of yeast

  23. LOL! @ drinking diet soda and eating a high fat pizza. Also, LOL at cheesy "goodness". I'm making a stove top pizza tonight, so thanks for the tips.

  24. Actually it can have as much as 5% Potato Starch, Yech. you are paying for cheese and wind up with potato. Never buy pre shredded cheeses. The recipe looks good, just got my 15" skillet.
    I hope you didn't have the same problem I did with the freezer on the bottom. its common to have condensate builds up on the fan in the back and freezes, then the fridge gets warm.

  25. We don't have Italian sausage here in Japan,any substitute please?!

  26. Hi +chefjulieyoon 🙂 I really like this video. I'm a chef and baker myself and I appreciate simple, tatty recipes, they're truly inspirational! I think the pizza looks delicious, and I want to say Congratulations on having such a poised, professional, kind demeanor when peoplever leave obnoxious comments. I get so irritated when we chefs use our own recipe and someone trolls along like they're some food god! Lol.

  27. HI chef Julie! I wanted to know where can I find the exact measurements for the ingredients for making the pizza so I don't mess it up I'm a new beginner …thanks

  28. love the lighting! and the entire video, thanks!

  29. I moved from Nova Scotia to Saskatchewan 3 years ago. Nova Scotia has great pizza and since moving I've been searching for a decent slice of pizza to no avail. I have often tried making pizza at home with undesirable results, that is until I found your video. There are no words that exist that would allow me to properly thank you. This is pizza is phenomenal. My favourite toppings are pepperoni, green pepper, and mushroom (a Cape Breton combination).

  30. This recipe was amazing, it was so delicious. You were right about shredding your own mozzarella. I am never going back to the pre-shredded stuff. Thanks for sharing your recipe. P.S: Do you happen to know the name of the song at 4:06?

  31. Great base mix simple and looks great I'll give it a go!

  32. hi this is teri an new subscriber.
    I just want to know how much calories were in this homemade pizza
    Thank you so much and love your videos soon much !!!

  33. Awesome! I make pizza in a similar way. The biggest difference is that I preheat the cast iron skillet in the oven, slap in the dough and then bake at 500 with the convection on. You just need to have all toppings ready to go… Cheers…

  34. That was really a good looking pizza. I've got a 12" Lodge cast iron pan like yours and I am going to make this. I'm originally from Brooklyn New York and I grew up on great pizzas from Brooklyn. This looks like a winner!

  35. Why do you you not pre heat that Skillet before putting in the Dough.?

  36. Why didn't you apologise for the sound issue in advance ? Unsubbed…

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