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Home / Dinner Recipes / Hobo Dinner Recipe : Rosemary Steak and Asparagus

Hobo Dinner Recipe : Rosemary Steak and Asparagus


Tin Foil Meal ” Hobo Dinner ” Ideas . WE Cook up Rosemary Steak And Asparagus . The best tin foil meal we have ever made . It was Super Good . Give it a try . Hobo Dinner Recipes . Camp cooking is the best way to cook . cooking out doors . cooking outside. steak recipe . We appreciate all your support .

Cool The Packets 6 minutes then flip and cook another 6 minutes .

enjoy . please rate and subscribe.

Video by: RubberTrampsReviews

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  1. Looks fantastic! You gotta get the camera closer to the food while it's still steaming. We need a little smell-a-vision action going on here. LOL! Good job.

  2. Looks great guys! We are definitely gonna have to try it!

  3. You two are knocking out some great looking meals and they are getting better and better it seems as you go.  I would sure pull up a chair at your table.  Thank you for the camera info but I have a request that wasn't covered.  What kind of video software do you use to put it all together?  Any info on that would be appreciated.  You two stay safe!!

  4. How long does it need to cook and do you have to flip it over as it's cooking ??

  5. Mmmmm…..  Looks tasty.  How long was the cook time on the fire?  Just curious…   Thanks for the video.

  6. Great vid and an easy cleanup. Cant beat that.

  7. I've cooked fish that way, never steak, thanks for the idea.

  8. I really appreciate the cooking over a fire video, I don't have much experience with it, at all. Thanks.

  9. IT looks great , and it also great to see you guys having fun together  🙂

  10. Man I thought the banana boat was comin like now- I was bummed! Good editing!!

  11. Looks good to me and another one to try this summer..

  12. It was gourmet! That would be expensive in a steakhouse. Good stuff.

  13. love cooking in tinfoil packets. also do it at home in the oven, no mess, no dishes. mixed veggies and chicken and its better than Chinese restaurant.

  14. Aw man does that get any better! What time is dinner tomorrow? Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. are you Jew? kosher salt?! WTF?

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