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Home / Pizza Recipes / Healthy Pizza Recipe = Big Mushroom?? MUST Watch

Healthy Pizza Recipe = Big Mushroom?? MUST Watch


Dr. Gundry guides you through a very unconventional — and VERY delicious —pizza recipe from his new book, “The Plant Paradox.” For the entire recipe, visit:

Video by: Gundry MD

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  1. Great recipe and after watching the video, I am headed to the market to purchase the ingredients

  2. Just bought every ingredient in Whole /Fresh Market….Can't wait

  3. Made this tonight and it was very good!! Thanks for the recipe, Dr Gundry!

  4. I made this tonight. Fantastic, delicious, filling, not missing pizza at all!!!! I can't wait for my book to arrive this weekend.

  5. Gundry….babe……love your stuff and will def try this recipe, but get outta the suit and into some sweats for cookin….one grease splatter and that nice suit is history!. ….Love mushrooms, looks delish, thanks for the tip!

  6. Been eating these since watching this video. Scrumtious!

  7. where do you buy big mushroom? Italian prosciutto and basil pesto?

  8. You are always mentioning places that offer your recipe contents on the west coast. I live in Western NY…not even close to NYC. We don't have the places you mention anywhere close to us. Could you please encourage Wegmans to carry your recipe items?


  10. Are there any cheese substitutes?, may not be able to get the water buffalo cheese.

  11. Excellent pizza I made it and it was yummy!

  12. As a pizza addict, I didn't expect to like this recipe. I was wrong! It is truly delicious and so easy to make! Am going to try making them using smaller portabellas as a party food.

  13. YUM!!! but I will pass on the arugula…

  14. I adore how coiffed you are Dr G. -cooking in suit is quite a talent!

  15. This is delicious! Have made it 3 times in 3 weeks! One large portobello mushroom is filling. I also made it using Bella's half the size and there was enough for lunch the next day. This is tasty and fancy enough for company. FYI, you won't know you're eating a mushroom. Two thumbs up, Dr. Gundry!

  16. Wow! I use to take wheatgrass shots and I noticed after I'd take them I'd feel so sick. I listened to my body and stopped. Ha! Now I know why! Thank you!

  17. Made this recipe this evening. It was really delicious. My husband and I really enjoyed it. Have passed it along to our children. Thank you!

  18. I tried this recipe tonight and it is delicious! My teenage son liked it too. Will definitely make again.

  19. Wonderful recipe! Tried it today. The buffalo cheese is a little pricey but this will be a nice treat from time to time. Must try!

  20. Thanks, Dr. Gundry. Tried the pizza today. It was outstanding. Not just okay, OUTSTANDING!!!

  21. Great recipe for dinner after gym. yumy yumy. Thank you for sharing.

  22. I wan to say I made this recipe for dinner last night and it was the boom!
    Super healthy, super teasty, and super satisfying, brought it for lunch today and share with coworkers they LOVE it… Iam a health freak and people juge me all the time, I make my own mayonnaise, sauces, food, etc..
    And everyone is so use to just buying fast foods, or things from store with out reading labels and become familiar with what it says and what does it mean.
    Thank you Doctor Gundry for supporting us you have awaken!!! And you are awakening others. I will help as much as I can,

  23. I put my Portobello mushrooms on the George Forman grill with Baby Bock Choy and serve with Avocado slices.

  24. His Cookbook is coming in the spring!!

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