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Home / Dinner Recipes / Grilled chicken sandwich – how to make sandwiches – easy recipes – cheap eats dinner recipes – best

Grilled chicken sandwich – how to make sandwiches – easy recipes – cheap eats dinner recipes – best


In this video I teach you guys how to make a delicious simple to make grilled chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce on a chiabatta roll. This recipe is very macro friendly since it does not have mayonnaise or a bunch of condiments like other sandwiches. The Bread is also multigrain which is more nutritiously dense and has more fiber than regular white bread.

This recipe is also some cheap eats for lunch or you can have as part of your dinner recipes or even breakfast. Its entirely up to you and you choose the best recipe to suit your schedule and budget. If you guys want to see more recipes like this please remember to subscribe, give it a thumbs up, and let me know what your thoughts are on the comments below.

Video by: Healthy Recipe Channel

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  1. Great camera work – Crystal Clear – Nice job on the sandwich too!!!

  2. Look at that Grilled Chicken Sandwich! Good Lawd a Mighty lol

  3. Great recipe. Just listed this to make in upcoming week. I always love to try out new ideas. Keep up the good work.

  4. i already subbed u..plz sub me and reply me

  5. Hey there new sub here, I really like your video. I gave it a thumbs up too. Could you please go and subscribe my channel too. I would really appreciate it. Let's help each other out. Also if you could go and watch one of my videos in full length. I would appreciate that too. Also you should watch my videos in full because each week I will be picking subscribers at random and giving them shout out to help promote your guys's channels. So make sure to check them out because you could be next. Plus I have some really yummy recipes too. They are only about 2-3 minutes long each. Thank you again

  6. Looks great! Definitely need to try this one!

  7. had this for lunch today. delicious!

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