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Home / Dinner Recipes / Fish Soup Recipe – tasty and healthy dinner recipes – easy food to make at home on a budget – paleo

Fish Soup Recipe – tasty and healthy dinner recipes – easy food to make at home on a budget – paleo


This tasty Fish Soup is Made from Scratch like most of our recipes. I used all the bones and the head of the fish to create the fish Broth, and fresh herbs from our garden. This is a great healthy dinner recipe for a sunday or a day that you have a couple of extra hours to spend making this awesome fish stock to perfection. This is very easy food to make at home on a budget, especially if you have a fish market nearby where you can buy Grouper or other fish heads that have a lot of meat. Also can be made Paleo and keto diet friendly. Hope you enjoy the Recipe and Remember to Subscribe and Share. 🙂

Video by: Healthy Recipe Channel

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  1. great recipe… we are vegetarians so I would use something else in place of fish… but u made it so nicely… that gravy looks awesome… thanks for the idea my friend… have a great day ahead…

  2. u planted herbs in your own garden. that's so cool…

  3. Mmmmm…this recipe looks awesome!! Great job! Love your herb garden too!

  4. was waiting for this video. Great recipe my friend. Do you go fishing every weekend?

  5. hi mate, make keto chocolate. 1 Cup melted coconut oil. 1/2 cup cacao. 3 spoons peanut butter. 2scoops whey protein. mix it all together once you've melted the peanut butter and coconut oil.
    Add some almonds then pour it onto a flat tray with tin foil as a base. then place it in the fridge for 20min. All done and sprinkle some shredded coconut ontop of it before you place it in the fridge

  6. I bet that soup is delicious… Keep the videos coming.

  7. Your food looks delicious man. You've got some great content on this channel!

  8. looks delicious, wish i can do that but i can't since my mother told me not to make soup when i'm only, then one day in my own house, i can make whatever i want to, nice channel by the way, have a nice day.

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