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Home / Breakfast Recipes / Eggs Baked in Hash Browns | Gordon Ramsay

Eggs Baked in Hash Browns | Gordon Ramsay


Gordon shows how to make an American style breakfast.
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Video by: Gordon Ramsay

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  1. There's a new measurement unit: a "glug" of olive oil. lol

  2. When he said hashbrown, I thought of the MacDonalds hashbrown, lmao so diff.

  3. Damnit, I thought it said ‘Hash Brownie’.

  4. Anybody else notice a red flash at 2:51?

  5. “The best breakfasts in the world are always in America.”

    At least they’ll give us that.

  6. heck of a compliment for him to say American breakfast is the best. Well it is lmao

  7. “Can I have a pop tart?”

  8. And… you die from heart attack after breakfast…

  9. I wonder if he ever reads all of these nino memes

  10. Damnit I jizzed myself again

  11. Gordon: Thanks for the shout out to America for our great breakfasts. Imagine those sorry folks that have to settle for watery rice with fishheads, cold cuts, or just a coffee and danish.

  12. There is no point of using olive oil if you are cooking it for long , it will take off the olive oil flavor , as if it has been cooked in regular oil , its better to use sun flower oil instead . olive oil taste gives a kick , if u cooked it u wont feel its real taste . gordan cooking method some of them are stupidity .

  13. Sounds like Bear Grylls in the kitchen lmao

  14. "The secret to a great Hash browns, are the potatoes" WOW….