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Home / WeightLoss Recipes / Easy Recipes With Bananas || Banana Diet Detox and Weightloss Plan

Easy Recipes With Bananas || Banana Diet Detox and Weightloss Plan


In the previous episode, I told you what the banana diet is all about. A lot of you might find it difficult to consume only bananas. Here are afew recipes and cheats you can practice while undergoing the diet.

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Video by: Ashtrixx

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  1. Superrrrrrr…again 1st lyk nenay. @ varma87

  2. awwwww toastie <3 <3 <3 cutie pie

  3. only nuts ha??
    can we eat any other in diet??
    ?? nothing else??

  4. Awesome, you have answered to the question which i had, whether to drink tea or not, dats fine can give up on my milk wala chai and get on to Green tea instead. But one more question, is there any limit to the intake of green tea in a day?

  5. Superr mom makes banana milkshake…the method is take frozen bannanas and milk.. And holicks if u want(optional) and blend it…and its done!! 😀😀… I am gonna follow these recipies also..they look yummy!!😀😀

  6. Can normal water be used instead of cold water ?

  7. Am going to start this week..thank you @ashtrixx

  8. Mam how much time do you workout ??

  9. Hi Ashmita great video .. will definitely follow and post how it feels. Was waiting for recipes video to start this – I have a question and suggestion …

    I stay in Bangalore – naku 2 varieties yelakki which is small banana and other is as you show in video .. can I use small ones also ?

    Suggestion – you must’ve thought already but still – try to work on adding subtitles too so it goes to larger set of audience.. I know it’s just beginning but just suggesting

  10. Hello mam,just a small doubt 25-30 bananas per day? Or per week?

  11. First recipient super akka..and TQ so much akka..all the best for Ur upcoming serial akka and baked banana chips kuda we can have kada akka as cheatcode

  12. Supar recepis mam waiting ur next videos

  13. Hi mam small doubt 15 banana's thini Edo oka time lo one cup rice thinochha? Just for spiciness

  14. Ashtrixx….these looks so yumm.. gonna try n tag you..

  15. Hi Ashmitha gaaru need to talk plz msg me in ur number

  16. Your my first crush mam now I am your subscriber now . Keep rocking