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Home / Pizza Recipes / Easy Pan Pizza – Foolproof Crust – Healthier, Low-Fat Pan Pizza!

Easy Pan Pizza – Foolproof Crust – Healthier, Low-Fat Pan Pizza!


Jenny Jones makes the best pan pizza with no kneading and a foolproof crispy, golden crust. Anyone can make this easy pan pizza at home. UPDATE: SKIP THE OVERNIGHT WAIT & MAKE THIS PIZZA FASTER! Here’s how:




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© Copyright 2013 – Jenny Can Cook – Jenny Jones

Video by: Jenny Can Cook

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  1. Jenny I can see you make your food with Love! Im serious I've seen so many cooks on you tube who seemingly make videos just for the money, with no care or love in them. I really do think your a treasure and a great person who adores her work. Thanks so much for sharing.. Gary

  2. Jenny I have always liked you going all the way back to your talk show days hahaha. Truthfully I love the fact that you REALLY can cook and you make it fun. I make many of your recipes thank you

  3. i am so confused about the dancing in the end

  4. so this is what you've been doing! great! lovely pizza! thumbs up!

  5. Too bad U dont have a dog to clean up the pepperoni U tossed😃😃

  6. I always enjoyed watching your show. Now I am happy to see you on YouTube, Jenny. You do a great job and your personality is so much fun! Thank you! 😊

  7. Just tried the recipe it was a hit. Never going back to store bought pizza

  8. Can i use the regular flour?

  9. Too much bread! I like thin crust

  10. Thanks for the neat microwave trick……

  11. you made me smile…still so super cute

  12. You're delicious 😋 ❤️ you!

  13. It looked good except for your pepperoni. That pepperoni looked dried out and disgusting. I'd stick with the regular pepperoni based on this video.

  14. You are terrific,I enjoy your energy and food

  15. Thanx Jenny..gonna try this

  16. Easy maybe. But it takes two days to make. And my oven does not take 45 mins to heat up.

  17. didnt she used to have a tv show? lol

  18. Once you used a microwave, you lost me right there

  19. I love you so much and thank you so much for your delicious recipes.

  20. Really like the pizza dance! Great looking pizza!

  21. What a sweet woman, i envy her family

  22. Would you like to start making a pizza a week before you want it? If so follow this recipe. Just make sure you still want pizza next Wednesday!

  23. Why low fat 😖 I WANT IT ALL!!

  24. wow great stuff I got to try this!!!

  25. Very nice recipe and presentation Also, nice dance.. Can this be done with a 10" cast iron dutch oven as well?

  26. I used to watch your show but your pepperoni looks dry as the Sahara.

  27. Too much oil at bottom, of course it is crusty, the bottom is fried, too oily at bottom, not baked crusty

  28. im your 300k subscriber Congrats Jenny

  29. love this recipe but paper towelling the pepperoni I cried.


  31. At some point that pan changed to a cast iron.

  32. I like your dance more than pizza

  33. No offence but eat a normal pizza…nothing can come near the original taste. Turkey peperoni o.O….my god

  34. She used to have her own talk show. Far better than Okra. Love Jenny.

  35. Can you use an enamel coated cast iron pan? Thx!