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Easy Okra Recipe


Try this twist on a favorite southern okra dish. Print the complete recipe at
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Tomato Okra Recipe
1 lb OKRA (whole pods)
1 medium ONION (chopped)
1 cup TOMATO PUREE (or 2 chopped tomatoes)
1 Tbsp white wine VINEGAR
SALT and PEPPER (to taste)
¼ cup WATER

Heat olive oil on medium heat and add onions. Cook for 1 minute and add mustard seeds. Add coriander and chili powder and continue sautéing onions for another minute. Stir in the tomato puree. Add salt. I like using puree because it’s thick and sweet and acts like a gravy. You can substitute fresh chopped tomato instead if you prefer a thinner consistency. Add fresh okra.
Fresh! Buy okra that’s bright green and firm, not soft and bendy. Small okra pods are best—1″ to 2″. Okra won’t stay pretty in the fridge for too long, so use soon after buying (1-2 days). Trim the stems, but not too much—you don’t want to cut into the pod and release the watery goo. I say goo, but not in a bad way. Okra is a dry climate vegetable and stores a lot of moisture in its pod—it’s a kinda gooey moisture—that’s why cut okra is often used in soups and gumbos as a thickener.
Mix the okra into the tomato gravy. Add vinegar and continue sautéing another minute. The tomato and vinegar will cut the “slickness” of the okra. Add ¼ water, cover pan and reduce heat to low. Let simmer for 5 minutes.
And that’s it. Add pepper and adjust salt as needed and serve—I find it’s a perfect side dish for blackened fish.

Bon appétit!

Samba Sting by Kevin MacLeod at Music track used with permission Creative Commons: By Attribution and found at this link:

Video by: Chef Buck

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  1. can I leave the mustard seeds out?? I don't really like them

  2. So how does does it not get slimy just from keeping the pod sealed? Does the heat convert the consistency or something? Can you cut both ends and wash out the slimeyness? I was also considering using inch slices, packing some cormeal, rice jalapeno or something into both ends, battering and frying. I have some growing in the garden for the first time but have never cooked with it before.

  3. I just got some fresh okra today & looking for ways to make it-My mom used to make it with tomatoes & I always thought she just made it up-But now I see it's really THE thing to do.She's not here to ask anymore so thanks chef Buck for a great recipe.

  4. okra always reminds me of my mom and being a kid, too–although my mom is a big fan of frying the okra (I'm a lazier cook than she is)

  5. your awesome thanks for the how to videos my wife and I watch all your videos ,thanks for your help

  6. well thanks for watching them, me and CG learn a lot making the videos

  7. I've been thinking about Okra all day today.  So, I'm really glad I found this video!  I subbed, and I'm looking forward to viewing more of your cooking ideas!

  8. Get it off the heat, cause its time to eat.

  9. the way you coock it is almost like an indian dish the… you may slice it but make sure it is very fresh and do not use water in that case… any way, even in your way, it is nice.

  10. Is it still gooy inside after you cook it?

  11. Okra is used in congolese cuisine and i would like to add okra to my diet but the goooy, i cannot take. I once had a non gooy curry version of it and it was the 1st and last time i ate it. do you have a dry recipe? thank you

  12. Traitionally we always cook it like a soup in Turkey, after the tomato and onion mixture add boiled water and add in the okras. Add in as much lemon juice asyou please. Voila. I can eat Okra everyday.

  13. Concise and no nonsense video. Subscribed.

  14. Okra is very abundant here in Alabama in the summer. It's always handy to find new ways to prepare it. This was exceptional! My compliments to the chef!!

  15. Hey Chef… Great recipe 😀 btw don't forget to remind every one how much super veggy okras are… and how heart healthy they are 😀 You know that 'goo' you talk about, if you had a heart attack and now need to keep your cholesterol level in check Okra "goo" is your remedy to go to :3 :3 :3

  16. hi chef buck can i use fresh coriander if i dont have the powder?

  17. spotted this channel by chance & already subscribed! Your recipes are superb 🙂

  18. Haven't tried this yet but my wife and I have really enjoyed Chef buck's Curry eggplant and eggplant burger [we like eggplant]. Chef Buck, Number 1!

  19. Very happy to find such a nicely presented recipe. I'll try it out now. Enjoyed your accent!!

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