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Home / Dinner Recipes / Easy Lamb Stew dinner recipe.

Easy Lamb Stew dinner recipe.


Easy Lamb Stew dinner recipe. Jack shows how to prepare a Irish lamb stew at his restaurant, Chaplin’s, in New London CT Your family will love this for dinner. For more dinner recipes and tips visit our channel chaplinsrestaurant. On Facebook it’s Daddy Jack’s.

Video by: chaplinsrestaurant

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  1. i luv ur vids man—-i spent 20+ years in a kitchen, sometimes i really miss it, watchin your videos bring back lots of memories—-keep em comin guy, thanx

  2. Big Daddy Jack — It's my grandmom's 90th birthday today and she loves lamb. So, I rushed to the store, got all the ingredients and whipped up the stew for her. It's going to be a surprise, I can't wait until she tastes it. I enjoy so many of your recipes and you have inspired me to try new things and really enjoy what I love to do, so thank you. I love New England and the next time I'm up there, Chaplin's is the first place I'm going. Cheers!!

  3. love it, but wiht are the ingredients in your blackening seasoning?

  4. This has to be the best utube channel. Keep it up

  5. How is that lamb stew? And why is it always Irish lamb stew? I'm pretty sure what you just tried to make there was some form of Scouse. Scouse is an English dish (nicked from the Scandinavians).

  6. lamb stew it is, Irish lamb stew its not. sorry but no way can you put Irish in front of stew. Irish stew the meat isn't browned or floured its boiled the potatoes are in with the carrots and onions salt pepper and water long and slow on top of cooker not in oven. please don't be offended. most of your dishes are ok 😉😉😉😊

  7. What is blackened seasoning?