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Home / Pizza Recipes / Dessert Pizza Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 760

Dessert Pizza Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 760


To get this complete recipe with instructions and measurements, check out my website:

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Laura’s Style/Beauty Channel:

Twitter: @Lauraskitchen

My Blog:


Video by: Laura in the Kitchen

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  1. Can you please make a cheese pizza

  2. That looks yummy like so…..yummy and i mean it!!! 🙂

  3. Instead of fruits can I use cookies like oreos or chocolate chip cookies?

  4. Can you make more Laura ????

  5. Can you please make a ice cream pizza?

  6. This looks delicious!!!!! I love your recipes! Your amazing!!!!!! <3

  7. This is amazing thank you so much

  8. Laura can you make a Nutella pizza (put chocolate chips and Nutella as the topping) and the crust to be a regular pizza crust plz plz plz I really want a chocolate pizza but I can't find a recipe I liked

  9. I've never eaten black and blue berry in my life as we can't find it in my country and this makes me feel sad as i sooo want to know how it tastes like

  10. I just love Laura Vitale. 🙂 She makes delicious looking dishes

  11. Nutella pizza Nutella pizza Nutella pizza plizzzzzzzzzz

  12. You should definitely show us how to make a snicker doodle pizza! By the way, I made this with your recipe and it tasted amazing!

  13. I personally hate pizzas but laura vitale make it look delish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. That wasn't really a desert pizza

  15. Hi Laura! Can you please start saying at the end of the videos how to store the food after? You mentioned here you'll put the pizza on the fridge until the next day, but don't the fruits get bad when they're cut? How do you wrap it ? it would be so nice to know!!! Thanks for all the amazing videos! you're awesome! 

  16. All meat pizza bacon smoked bacon peppered bacon sausage peperoni ham Canadian bacon lol yeah

  17. CAN U PLEASE MAKE CHOCOLATE PIZZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hey if your tongue ever gets burnt, just sprinkle some white sugar over your tongue

  19. It will take away that rough patch that forms on the spot you have burnt

  20. Do you have any recipes for regular pizza? (Not frozen, bits or dessert, but just really good regular pizza?

    If you have a recipe for true Italian pizza that be neat.

  21. Omg Nutella pizza 😍😍😍😍

  22. i would make mine with a nutella cake and nutella frosting and marshmello topping

  23. اعجبتني طبغكي جدا 😊

  24. what does starfruit taste like????????

  25. smores pizza? Please!!!!!! 😀

  26. how much in measurements did you put in for your cookie dough

  27. A girl bought this (similar to this) to work and it was sooo good. I believe you may have hers beat. Thanks for sharing.
    New subbie!! Your channel is amaze-balls

  28. Thank you! Im making this for my birthday, i was looking for dessert pizza and t hey all seemed too sweet. this is perfect!

  29. Baked it this weekend… It was sooo yummy…. And didn't get enough to eat.. ;).. Will try one more bigger this time… ;).. Thanks for such delicious recipes…

  30. I love your channel so much!! Great video and always a easy watch❤️plus it always turns out right🤗

  31. ohh that looks good I want to eat it solo bad😭🎂🍨🍧🍦🍩🍰🍫🍬🍭🍕

  32. I've had this before and it is so good and your it does look beautiful

  33. Love this fruit pizza, but where can I find the recipe instead of going through all the other recipes

  34. can you just use a sugar cookie mix