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Home / Dessert Recipes / Country Ribs recipe

Country Ribs recipe


The BBQ Pit Boys cook up some Pork Loin Ribs over an open fire. And they come out moist and tender with these few and easy to do tips. -…Please Subscribe, Fav and Share us. Thanks..! Are you looking for barbecue and grilling recipes to serve up at your Pit, family picnic, or tailgating party? Then put your Barbecue Shoes on because we’re serving up some delicious, moist and tender, and real easy to do cooking on the ol’ BBQ grill.

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Video by: BBQ Pit Boys

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  1. Are you guys related? Those bbq ribs look delicious. thanks for sharing.

  2. Making this today for Mother's Day. Thanks for the awesome recipe.

  3. This is the way life should be lived. Friends sittin around a campfire, beer, good food and weather.

  4. I Think The BarBeeQue Guys Need To Double or Triple the Size OF Pot

  5. настоящая мужская еда!

  6. I'm certainly going to take this recipe. Cook it up and put my foot in it. Thanks BBQ Pit Boys 👍🏽

  7. 6:56 haha! a practical redneck solution to removing a hot grill

  8. i just had a bad day.. so I needed to watch another Pit Boy stream 🙂 thanks!

  9. dammm that looks like some good eats

  10. please stop calling it "chup" …………. thx bbq bro

  11. "You want to use a pilsner or a lager"? Lol. After guzzling down a couple of cases, they could use near-beer, hell they could use root beer, and wouldn't notice any difference.

  12. I love you guys…….it's always guuuuuuud

  13. Hi men! Is possible to add the text of the recipes (ingredients, cooking temperatures). I love your videos and your recipes but it's hard for me tounderstand everything. Thank you!!!

  14. I've tried some of your recipes. They are sooooo good thanks a lot and of course Its smells goooood! 🙂 Greetings from Germany

  15. this is the most American thing ive ever seen

  16. you guys could cook up some shoe leather and make it guuuud…rock on yawl

  17. love u its smiple n easy…keep them coming

  18. Nothin' like cookin' on an open fire!!! Damn nice fire ring ya'll built….

  19. I dunno why, but I involuntarily closed my eyes when you said "enjoy the good life that you had". Really liked it man. Specially that instrumental country music. This is perfect.

  20. Best worlds "We are eating good tonight Martha"

  21. where do i get a grill/grate like that for over the fire ??

  22. I took matters into my own hands and put a grill on my balcony, neighbours weren't too happy about it, but i bet the smell of coal and good eatin was worth it.

  23. make mine almost the same way, i use dr pepper instead of beer, then after there done i throw them back on the grill for a minute or 2 before i put then on the bun an add the sauce, they go good with spaghetti noodles too! 🙂
    Love all your video's guys! have given me some great tips to improve my cooking
    Keep living the good life guys! Peace!

  24. how you served it at the end was unexpected. looks good though

  25. Sit back and enjoy those bong hits while simmering find forget beer hydration depending on ground temperature

  26. bought me a a traeger last year . best thing ive ever bought been watching ur vids since get to learn nd surprise the fam

  27. I am wondering about the cooking grate you are using over the fire. What is the make, and where can I get one, or similar? A rectangular one would be even better for me. I have 3' pit for doing maple syrup in the spring and cooking out the rest of the year. I cannot find a large grate to go over it that will not sag in the flames. I think a cast iron one like you show here would hold up under the heat. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

  28. 2:57 Why is Synchronized Beer Drinking not an Olympic sport as yet?????

  29. it takes me about 45 minutes to go thru a sixer.. maybe i should go through a 12 before i check on nem reeeyubs!!

  30. i have three old fashioned ole hickory small steak knife ,butcher knife and ham knife besides if your a hill person you love your long lasting knives they was passed down from my grandma

  31. The recipe looks great! It is on the list to do soon. The ending to the video was a funny surprise! 🙂

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