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Home / Dessert Recipes / Cooking Elixir & Food Recipes – HIGH LEVEL 30 Minute Durations – Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Cooking Elixir & Food Recipes – HIGH LEVEL 30 Minute Durations – Zelda: Breath of the Wild


This video teaches the exact recipes to cook High Level Food and Elixir’s to be used in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We make 30 Mintute duration elixirs and all HIGH LEVEL food recipes covering: Electro Recipes, Enduring Recipes, Spicy Recipes, FireProof recipes, Tough recipes, Haste recipes and more! We use a variety of common ingredients and also rare ingredients as well such as Keese eyeballs, Zapshrooms, Keese Wings, and Monster Extract + many more.

Zelda Gameplay on the Nintendo Switch.

Please see some of my other videos as well for cool tips!



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Gear Used to Make this Video:

1) El Gato HD60 Game Capture Card –
2) iMac 27 Inch Retina 5K –
3) Blue Snowball –

DISCLAIMER: This video and description has amazon affiliate links and this means that if you click on one of the product links above, which shows the gear I used to make this video with, I’ll get a small commission. This helps support my channel and allows me to grow bigger and better and continue making the best game content I can! Thank you for the support in advance! Cheers!

Video by: Hyrule Dude

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  1. ending song title name?

  2. thanks so much i really needed that 30 min def food

  3. Why does it only give me 1 minute of high haste with the seeds and extract one???

  4. What i did the elixir it was only 10 min

  5. 1 Keese Eyeball
    3 Warm Darners
    1 Moblin Guts
    = Spicy Elixir 18:50 2nd level

    Monster extract – purchased at kilton shop
    3 Warm Darners
    Moblin Guts
    =Spicy Elixir 30:00 2nd level

    5 Endura Carrots
    = 2 full stamina wheels+ 23 hearts

    5 Big Hearty Radish
    = 25 temporary hearts and full health

    5 Silent Shrooms
    = sneaky 10 minutes 3rd level

    1 Electric Keese Wing
    1 Bokoblin Guts
    1 Monster Extract
    2 Fireproof Lizards
    = 30 minute Fireproof Elixir 1st level

    Keese Eyeball
    4 Hot Footed Frogs
    = Hasty Elixir 12 10 3rd level

    3 Winterwing Butterfly
    1 Ice Keese Wing
    Monster Extract
    = Chilly Elixir 30:00 2nd level

    4 Fleet-Lotus Seeds
    1 Monster Extract
    = Hasty Simmered Fruit 30:00 3rd level

    4 Mighty Banannas
    Monster Extract
    = Mighty Simmered Fruit 3rd level attack power boost 10:00

    4 Iron Shrooms
    Monster extract
    = Tough Mushroom Skewer 3rd level 30:00

    5 Zapshrooms
    = 3rd level 12:30 electricity resistance

    4 Zapshrooms
    Monster Extract
    = 30:00 electric resistance 3rd level

  6. I was cooking the one granting 10 minutes of increased attack power. The first batch I cooked was good, but the two batches after that only granted one minute of attack power. I'm absolutely sure that I didn't make a mistake. I slept the night and cooked the same dishes the day after and the same thing happened again. So weird.

  7. Great video but can you please also make a video where to find those ingrediënts?

  8. This is not even helping
    You are just adding all grade A items and cook them
    What I wanna know is how to get the most out from elements other than grade a item. We all know grade a item, monster exact plus 4 items helps alot. Show something else

  9. Add 4 razorclaw crabs and 1 monster extract you get 30 minute mighty boost.

  10. wow… i didn't know what monster extract does… thank you so much! awesome video!!

  11. Your videos are great! Top quality! Thank you!

  12. Thank you very much I needed electric resistance potions electric

  13. Why use extract instead of dragon horns


  15. I don't need killton anymore because I bought all his stuff and I started using frosh horns

  16. Mannn Nintendo change all durability

  17. Just did 2 of the 5 radish recipes. Full restore + 16 hearts… Practically immortal at that point.

  18. I only hot 1 minute for the fireproof elixer

  19. Thanks bro! I've been getting one hour effects with 30 min ones

  20. I have been looking for a video on this thanks pal 👍🏻👍🏻

  21. You can get a 30 min attack food and def food if you spread sum your ingredients around of course it has that chance to be junk cause the monster extract but all you need.

    1 razorshroom
    1 raw prime meat(or better)
    1 monster extract
    2 mighty fish

    and for the def its

    1 armorshroom
    1 raw prime meat(or better)
    1 monster extract
    2 armor fish

    you can get a 1 min effect from fails a 10 min effect on normal proc and a 30 min effect on the good procs the better meat gives heats with the food but raw prime gives just a quarter heart but its a effect food so not really going for the hearts from the food
    thx for the awesome recipes didnt know about the elixirs so that will be really helpful 🙂

  22. The mighty simmered fruit with bananas and monsterextract is 1 min. Not 10

  23. The Tough mushroom Skewer 30 min level 1, not high level. I think they changed it?

  24. HUP! HUP! HET! HUP! HAH!