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Clean Eating Recipes


Chef Candice Kumai teaches us how to make some delicious, healthy dishes and tells us about the eating “clean” lifestyle.

Video by: Wendy Williams

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  1. When you want to eat clean, but bar-b-cue ribs and Moscato gives you life.

  2. "No, it's from the sex I've had two seconds ago" I just love you, Wendy.

  3. Your kid did drugs (I am sorry to hear that), you took him to some holistic treatment center where they told you to all eat some bullshit diet that you think will fix everything.  Stop it, have some wings with your favorite hot sauce.  He will be okay not because of some new age diet, but because his parents love and care for him and are on top of everything.

  4. PIzza? Where's the cheese and the Tomato? (goats cheese is not cheese it's white coloured vomit.) #disappointed.

  5. Wendy's a vegan! I love her even more now.

  6. uuummmm…. Soy Sauce for clean eating?!?!?!

  7. it's sooo good OMG I love munching on vegetables drenched in delicious sauce.

  8. plus eating healthy helps clear out my skin! better than sugary fried oily foods..

  9. She was complimenting Wendy way too much! So awkward!

  10. None of that looks like it tastes good.

  11. Shouldve been titled how to make broccoli rabb 3 ways

  12. on thanks nothing looked or sounded delicious !

  13. That doesn`t seem to me cooked at all. There are a lot of healthy stuff that I like but all of this look SO gross and uneatable.

  14. meh. didnt watch to then end. but wish them the best yawn.

  15. I just love your show and love you even more for promoting healthy eating!

  16. Eating all whole-grain and whole wheat keeps you really cleaned out with ur 💩💩💩 loll

  17. I thought the other girl was Wendy in the thumb nail

  18. I'm half Japanese too!!! I haven't seen many people who are half Japanese

  19. This is great! We need to get back to good, tasty, natural food. Try out Hogweed and wild garlic salad. No need to buy it as it grows wild in the woodland and forests.

  20. I love the simple definition that Candice provided for the question "What is Clean Eating?" It's amazes me that people are confused about what clean eating is. I think that the biggest reason for this confusion is that the general public have been mis-educated. By that I mean, companies have promoted foods that are clearly unhealthy as being good for us. I remember a time when one of my loved ones truly believed that bottled juices that can be stored on a shelf in the cupboard was healthy. I explained to them that unprocessed real fruit juice would have to be stored in the refrigerator because it would be considered a perishable product. Simple put, "Clean Eating is eating foods in their most natural states, preferably fruits and veggies."

  21. Do not make any of these recipes for a first date meal. I haven't heard back from that man! (Not even a text!)

  22. I swear this chef has been on her show a few times before. That's why she seemed awkward

  23. “You know we were meant to eat the rainbow” Haha Love it ❤️

  24. Is broccoli rabe…rappini? Sorry I don't know the north American or white people term lol

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