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Home / Dinner Recipes / Christmas Dinner Recipe

Christmas Dinner Recipe


Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year in 2011

I hope you enjoy making my Christmas dinner recipe. This is an easy but outstanding meal and your guests should be very impressed with your results. One thing I would advise is that you keep an eye on the cooking times and stay with it. I slightly burned my *Yorkshires because I was changing my camera batteries but they usually turn out perfect every-time.

*Cook Yorkshires @ 400F -15min and then reduce to 375F – 15min.
BTW, Potatoes are regular Russets and I find make the best roasties.

Video by: zuscam55

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  1. MMMmmm! Looks like childhood. Thanks 🙂

  2. beef?…when was the last time you had xmas dinner in the uk???

  3. Whats wrong with yorkshire pudding at xmas? and he may prefer beef to turkey, my dad does, you can have what you want…looks delicious +zuscam55 🙂

  4. i was a little disappointed with your attempt at the gravy because it looked like wallpaper paste….u cooked a brilliant beef joint yet the only flavour yu aactually used for your gravy was stock cubes and beef dripping…oh my what a disappointent as gravy makes any meal!! so why on earth didnt you use the MEAT JUICES as well??  u need to impart NATURAL flavour NOT just chemical induced flavour.