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Home / Breakfast Recipes / Chinese Omelette – Easy Egg Recipes – BeerBiceps Breakfast Recipes

Chinese Omelette – Easy Egg Recipes – BeerBiceps Breakfast Recipes


INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps
SNAPCHAT : ranveer.1693

Ingredients :
1)5 whole eggs
2)1 Tbsp Ginger-garlic paste
3)2 Tbsp Soya Sauce
4)1 cup carrot
5)1 cup cabbage
6)1 Tbsp Oil
7)Spring Onions (To taste)
8)Salt (To taste)

Why WHOLE eggs are awesome :

The BeerBiceps breakfast recipes cook book brings you the EASY Chinese omelette! Combining the flavours of traditionally unhealthy Indian-Chinese cooking with the high protein goodness of whole eggs. Today’s Chinese Omelette recipe should be your go to easy breakfast for a great easy chinese food experience. This is easily one of the most easy chinese recipes you’ll find. What makes it better, this is also a great easy breakfast recipe. If you don’t mind Chinese egg recipes for breakfast, this will become your goto. Hope you enjoy the BeerBiceps Chinese omelette! Breakfast egg recipes have never been this easy.

BeerBiceps – YouTube’s first India specific fitness and food channel

Fitness, food and fitness-food.

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Snapchat: @ranveer.1693

Video by: BeerBiceps

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