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Home / Dessert Recipes / Chilli Paneer | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Chilli Paneer | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen


Hello once again. Here is a brand new Keto recipe and it’s Chilli Paneer. The Indo Chinese fusion classic!!

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Video by: Headbanger’s Kitchen

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  1. This shit's good lol loved it. Keep on banging out the dishes my friend

  2. my woman loves Black peppered chicken. You think you can make Keto friendly version of this?

  3. So love that fried egg magnet on the fridge!! Did you get it online? 🙂

  4. this shit is Good… !

  5. soya sauce , onions , garlic are not allowed in keto bro -_- dont spread false info .

  6. You r doing nice job and your recepies are awesome pls make a video of Restaurant Style Chicken Chilli Gravy…..

  7. Can we use soya sauce , since soya sauce contains wheat and sugar .

  8. Oh my gawd why haven't I found u earlier dude this looks goooooood

  9. your recepies are mind blowing but as far as I knw diary products like milk,cheese,mozarella are completely avoided during keto period 🙂

  10. Is soya sauce allowed in keto?

  11. I also make a lot but vinegar really make it better

  12. how to make ketogenic soya flakes ? can you guide please

  13. @headbanger's kitchen , can i use ginger garlic paste?

  14. Are you sure of onions, soya sauce and chilli sauce during keto?

  15. It turned out well. bang on👍

  16. Dude I'm in love with your cooking

  17. I made this paneer chilli and it gave orgasm in mouth . Super tasty

  18. Thanks for the video, can we make a dessert with paneer?

  19. Please do more paneer recipes .

  20. i tried this recipe today…it is the most easy and tastiest method ever…

  21. Plz make a video on indian nonveg keto diet

  22. khane k baad oohh yaaa krte waqt mujhe thoda doubt lga apme😲

  23. Hi .. can you please tell the macros for this chilli panner recipe ??

  24. Tried this today. . Taste amazing. .

  25. Can I use more chillies, not sure if it's allowed in kito

  26. Sir please let know the nutritional information of it…

  27. please do make a video recipe of keto chicken chilli recipe…

  28. I know this is late, but can someone please write down the macros for this recipe?

  29. I made this twice last week, so easy yet delicious! Love it!! 😀 Thank you!

  30. Chicken chili recipe pls!!!

  31. Would this work with tofu instead of cheese?

  32. You're a beast! You got a subscriber.

  33. soya sauce and vinegar is allowed on keto diet?

  34. Is it really good for people who are following keto diet?

  35. Cause it really looks soo tasty😂

  36. I’ve bought frozen paneer, do I have to defrost it before frying it? Thanks

  37. M ur new subscriber😊
    Ur recipes r awsums👍

  38. Do you check the nutritional value of the items you use? I've been following your channel and videos and i love it .just wanted to make sure if they are strictly keto based,because i am on a strict diet.

  39. Did you know olive oil is not supposed to be heated up? It's actually harmful of you do

  40. Made this for the first time today, and it was brilliant, so so sooooooo easy and delicious! Will try the coconut milk thing next time although I can't really imagine what that would taste like… Bet it'd be pretty awesome though, what's not to like with coconut milk? 😊 Thangyooo!