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Home / Dessert Recipes / Cabbage Rolls Recipe

Cabbage Rolls Recipe


In this video you will learn how to make Grandmother’s Cabbage Rolls Recipe.

Grandmother put a lot of love and care into this Cabbage Rolls Recipe and we hope you will enjoy it.

To print this recipe visit:

Video by: Grandmothers Kitchen

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  1. That certainly looks delicious – I think I will make those for my family tonight. Thank you for the good instructions.

  2. What kind of filling do YOU like to put in your cabbage rolls?  What kind of topping?  My favorite topping is sour cream and Frank's Hot Sauce!

  3. this is a traditional romanian recipe called sarmale,verry popular on christmas.the fold is a little different but the recipe is basically the same.

  4. My mom used to make this, Wow I forgot all about these,we used to call it stuffed cabbage,we would put a little marinara over top.

  5. Great vidio,I like that you show each step. 🙂

  6. Mild salsa, grated Italian cheese & sour cream

  7. Mild salsa, grated Italian cheese, & sour cream!

  8. I make these a lot and my family loves them. I got my recipe from my grandma…she uses tomato juice instead of soup..I also use shredded cabbage on top when it's all in the potpan. So good, huge hit in my house 🙂

  9. I don't personally Like this recipe , Looked too Bland for me, salt,pepper, garlic?? I've never cooked my filling either. Everybody's different!!

  10. This is by far the most backwards recipe I've seen… pre coking the beef, freezing the cabbage? I know there are variations but this one is just odd and sorry, I don't think Grandma but that much love into it

  11. What a lot of extra work you put into this. Filling can be raw as well as the rice left uncooked so it absorbs all the meat mix flavors as it cooks. So silly.

  12. Thanks for a good demo. I make my cabbage rolls similarly but do not freeze my cabbage – does freezing make separating the leaves easier because this is the only step I don't enjoy when I make my cabbage rolls?

  13. I love cabbage rolls , I enjoyed making it. it's easy to make

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