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Home / Dinner Recipes / 7 Easy Steak Dinners

7 Easy Steak Dinners


Video by: Tasty

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  1. Thats a fatass person taco not a vampire

  2. People got SO triggered to the point where they disliked

  3. good cookie cutting christ, you don't need that much soy sauce with the salt. Tasty, you're retarded.

  4. Can I live with u 😭 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Thanks for this!! I'm a vegetarian so cooking for my boyfriend (who eats meat) is always a challenge

  6. I enjoyed the New York strip steak only. the other recipes were all topped with cheese and a lot of extras that weren't necessary you don't mess up a good piece of beef like that! I give us a thumbs down👎

  7. mmmmm looks great i kind want to try the steak and garile butter and the french steak

  8. I love French pepper steak

  9. Am i the only one who likes it Welldone instead of Medium Rare ? :/

  10. Io nyama imeiva ndani aki. Ni red sana…

  11. Daily reminder that I love food

  12. "Easy"… each uses like 20 ingredients and some need hours of preparation…

  13. Well which steak is more expensive?? New York strip or Rib-eye??

  14. If you have doubts I did this and I am thirteen

  15. that sixth steak had a LOT of black pepper

    Me:Sounds like a ambulance. . .
    Me:*Hears sounds*
    Me:*Peeks on a corner*

  17. Looks so easy but when I try it turns out like 💩

  18. Vampire Taco?? that's a hilarious name

  19. I never understood the finger trick till I saw this video

  20. My right ear love the saxophone