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Home / Dinner Recipes / 5 FAT LOSS DINNER RECIPES — Monday Through Friday :)

5 FAT LOSS DINNER RECIPES — Monday Through Friday :)



RECIPE#1 00:46 Shrimp Stir Fry Recipe
(Assorted Veggies, pre-cooked shrimp, asian dressing, sesame seeds)
01:39 Quick stir fry trick, add natural, low calorie asian dressing
You don’t have to use a wok for stir fry, it can be done in a regular skillet as well.

02:19 — Herbed Chicken
Using fresh herbs makes a world of difference! I love rosemary & thyme for chicken breast. It’s a great way to spice up what some may consider a boring protein.

The marinade in this video has; Rosemary, plenty of thyme, dried oregano, 1 Tbsp olive oil, salt, lemon juice, and 1 minced garlic clove. All of this is mixed together and rubbed into the chicken breast.

03:03 — I love this meat tenderizer from DENI. It’s available on It makes the meat tender, and helps enhance the flavor! It also reduces cooking time significantly.

04:10 — Mashed Cauliflower.
A mix of boiled cauliflower, 1 shallot, rosemary, coconut oil, salt, and a splash of organic chicken broth.

06:18 — Tuna Pasta Salad
The pasta used in this recipe is a gluten free, quinoa & brown rice pasta purchased from Whole Foods. The benefits of replacing wheat with grains like quinoa are endless.

For more information on how eliminating wheat from your diet can benefit your fat loss goals, watch my 10 REASONS TO STOP EATING WHEAT video here:

This tuna pasta has quinoa penne style pasta, 2-3 Tbsp 0% greek yogurt, celery, peas, almond slivers, red onions, a few organic raisins, and some crushed pepper & sea salt.

All ingredients are to taste and preference. If you’re not a big fan of celery for example, you can just not add celery 🙂

Your million dollar salad will probably be different from mine. It doesn’t matter though. What matters is that you fill a large bowl with a large assortment of your favorite veggies, a little protein, and enjoy.

This dressing is sooooo good. Not to mention it is completely natural, and very fat loss friendly. No weird trans fats, artificial flavors, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup here!

It has:
1 avocado
A handful of basil (cilantro works very well too!)
1 Garlic clove
Sea salt to taste (start with a pinch and go from there!)
1 tsp olive oil
approx 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
Water (add this as you blend, and see how thick or thin you want it)

10:00 Nutritional Yeast is great for vegetarians (and non vegetarians)

10:40 — Tilapia Tacos
OMG! These are probably my favorite. If you like tacos (who doesn’t) then you’ll LOVE these!

Coat your tilapias with:
Sea salt
Garlic powder
Chipotle powder
Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime
A few drops of liquid smoke

11:28 Be sure to warm your tortillas before assembly.
I used the Food For Life sprouted corn tortillas purchased from Whole Foods. They also have brown rice tortillas which are great

Thank you for watching!!! XOXOXOXOXOX

Video by: LeanSecrets

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  1. My mom gave me mashed cauliflower and I was like you fed me mushy foot Oder

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  14. I made the tuna pasta salad tonight for the first time and omg sooo delicious it was. i doubled the recipe so i could make it last a few days. I made 2 cups of it to fit in my bowl . Not a pasta eater but the whole grain penne i bought lastnight didnt fill me like white pasta. thx for posting this. Looking to find more of your recipes tonight.:)

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