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Home / Easy Recipes / The 5 Best Fried Chicken Recipes

The 5 Best Fried Chicken Recipes


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Video by: Tasty

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  1. Fuk mate why i watched this? Now i wont sleep till i will cook this

  2. every time i see a cooking recipe for chicken, it just makes me want to get chicken. lol. thanks @tasty for publishing this!

  3. So YUMMY is beautiful than tasty….tasty is stinks!

  4. Can someone tell me who is saying "Oh Yes" at the end?

  5. Honey on fired chicken bad idea 😖

  6. I was full when I started watching this video, now I don't know how all those roast chicken recipes dried up all the food in my stomach.

  7. Even I tried making fried chicken at home and it turned out to be yummy. See how

  8. Me encanta esta pagina , mi amigo y yo siempre vemos los videoS en clase de matemáticas 😎😂

  9. Can I make his without the chicken?

  10. I would try the first chicken or the last one

  11. last time i used cornflour to fry chickens they were hard as rock

  12. Whose watching this on the day before thanksgiving

  13. Can you give me that????? really hungry!!!!!

  14. you made this vid so black people can get hungry in africa fuck outta here im ussubbing u bitch and disliking

  15. dead bird and insect vomit yum

  16. It's sad because all I can do is watch… 😢

  17. When I watch chicken videos I always think about my dad, when I went to India he would always get it for me but now we are thousands of miles apart while I’m in America with my mom and he’s in India with my big sister and another woman.

  18. What am I doing here I can't cook and I'm making myself hungry

  19. So yucky thing you are touching*

  20. Lol I'm a vegetarian wth am I doing here.