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Home / Dessert Recipes / 3 Tim Tam Recipes | FridgeCam

3 Tim Tam Recipes | FridgeCam


For the first installment of Ben’s Candy Shop, it’s time for Tim Tams! Things got very weird, very quickly… Sorry about that. Don’t forget to check out the bonus AfterTaste video in the link below and all three of our epic Tim Tam recipes!

Bonus AfterTaste video:

Tim Tam recipe:
Tim Tam Cheesecake recipe:
Tim Tamington recipe:

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Our favourite video at the moment… take a watch! “Making Pasta for Gordon Ramsay | Step Up To The Plate”


Video by: SORTEDfood

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  1. how to make the biscuits eggless

  2. They're just shit penguins.

  3. The intro to that spoke to my inner child. <3

  4. tim tams, a national treasure of my country 🙏🏽

  5. tim tams, a national treasure of my country 🙏🏽

  6. omg 0:34 chupa chups from india 😍😍😍

  7. We eat balls omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. i just waited until they said im happy

  9. Sorry. Rewatching this video. Timtamington or lamingtimtam? LAMINGTAM, DUDE. LAMINGTAM. GET THAT ASSONANCE IN THERE.

  10. So they are essentially just penguin bars?

  11. Wow… after watching so many Fridge Cam's I just now got the "But(t) first" joke… i mn every single episode… i'm so dumm 😂😂

  12. This I tomska meets great British bake off

  13. They're penguins! We call them penguins!!!

  14. Tim tams don't actually have biscuits in middle

  15. So, it's like a penguin. 🙂

  16. You can use homemade TimTams in the other recipes though, right?

  17. Didn't barry use a penguin biscuit not a TimTam?!?

  18. You're not a real Australian if you haven't done a Tim Tam Slam out of a shoe with VB in it at a bush Doof.

  19. How did i not see this last year? Seeing Ben as willy wonka crosses things off my bucket list (which i never knew i had)

  20. is a Tim tam like a penguin?

  21. Rhyming Ben in a big hat really does it for me

  22. They used penguin bars not Tim tams

  23. im lucky to be in australia so i can have tim tams

  24. this is the lamington recipe that community channel promised but never delivered


  26. Brave taking on a classic aus/nz biscuit! Though which came first the chicken or the egg…are they really from Australia, or New Zealand???


  28. Are tim tams not just penguin biscuits?

  29. And I taught that ben couldn't get more disturbing.

  30. Tim tam? It's known as a penguin bar in the uk

  31. Aren't 'Tim tam's' just penguin?

  32. Are tim tams basically penguins?

  33. WHAT did mike say at about 5:15?! "If you're an – ? – like me…"
    Because I understood something VERY weird…

  34. as an aussie, i feel offended he didn't take the cola chupachup

  35. i like the way ben with the hat is still shorter than mike

  36. are tim tams not just,,, penguin bars?

  37. timtamington sounds like something that should be in an episode of Thomas the tank engine, and I would normally say that it shouldn't be in a sorted episode, but I've given up caring at this point

  38. Eat the opposite corners of a tim tam and use it as a straw to suck a hot drink up, like hot chocolate or tea. Its so good

  39. Isn't that just a penguin?