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Home / Breakfast Recipes / 12 Easy Breakfast Recipes 2017 – Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Best Recipes Video

12 Easy Breakfast Recipes 2017 – Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Best Recipes Video


12 Easy Breakfast Recipes 2017 – Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Best Recipes Video
1. Bacon-Wrapped Pigs in Blankets:
2. Crispy Eggs:
3. Croque Madame With Chicken:
4. Ham And Egg Pie:
5. Homemade Egg Mcmuffins:
6. Meat Pancakes:
7. Omelet Pizza:
8. Peanut Butter Fried Bread:
9. Sausage Roll:
10. Baked Croque Monsieur:
11. Baked Egg With Prosciutto:
12. Breakfast Hash Browns Lasagna:

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  1. Bacon, sausage, maple syrup, butter…. Just how are these healthy breakfast ingredients?

  2. First thing I see was bacon…

  3. it looks very simple .
    I am gonna try tomorrow morning.

  4. Nothing with this much cheese is healthy and I know for certain fried bread is NOT! Better revise the title I think.

  5. If this is what you refer to healthy I'd hate to see your medical bills in 10 years.

  6. eating breakfast is already healthy enough..

  7. i would hardly call any of those "healthy"

  8. all I see is too much butter, fried things and tons of sugar, not just on this video but all over this channel. not hating tho. great creativity but you know, u might wanna slow down cause it's like you're promoting diabetes and heart conditions.

  9. Nothing about this is healthy

  10. "Healthy breakfast" and it starts with bacon LOL.

  11. Where do you find the exact measurements please?

  12. I see easy but I don't see healthy hahaha

  13. Does anyone else get sick of this "uplifting" dance music when watching these videos? If I wanted to feel inspired I'd go to a gym, not stay up all night binge watching egg videos on youtube…

  14. Its tasty but not healthy

  15. The only healthy thing in the video is the clickbait description to get more viewers.

  16. chup raho be gandu angrej log, 😝😝😝

  17. LITERALLY EVERYTHING with butter oil fat cheese….. SIGH…. horrible breakfast ideas.

  18. 10 Diff Way to make Egg | Best Egg Recipes | Quick 'n Easy Breakfast|

  19. Butter… Sugar… Oil… Cheese… :v… So healthy

  20. These comments about how unhealthy the dishes are the same people who most likely binge on fast foods that are full of all sorts of preservatives and gmo baddies. My goodness common sense at least she knows what is going in her food and it is obvious that these are two or more servings.

  21. What an annoying weird music for a cooking video💆💆

  22. I HATE it when they leave the eggs runny

  23. The healthiest thinf in this video is at 10:25

  24. Its not ham on a McMuffin it's Canadian Bacon 🤦‍♂️😂🤦‍♂️😂🤦‍♂️😂

  25. Only thre recipes are healthy.